christmas candles in windows

Maura63December 1, 2006

This is not exactly an "organizing" problem (unless you count the visual clutter aspect of it!) but I've come to know the members of this group as clever and insightful so I hope you don't mind me asking here.....

I like the look (from the outside) of single candles in each window.

I'm wondering what you do to secure the candles so that they stay put.

I'm also wondering if you have an tricks for making the several cords look neater....

I'm aware that their are cordless versions that I may need to consider.

Admittedly I have the "flimsier" ones and perhaps that is part of the problem?



Here is a link that might be useful: candle

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There is some stuff called earthquake putty. You can find it where they sell the felt pads or things for hanging pictures. Even the stuff that people use to put up posters without tape. It's just a putty you knead and the put a blob under the item you don't want to move around.

I would get the white painters tape if your woodwork is white and basically tape the cords along the window ledge. Dark tape if the woodwork is dark. That way you can peel it off easier. I know someone was mentioning something which peels easier than the blue tape, but I don't remember. I've had really good luck with the white tape pulling of easily after several weeks.


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