Organizing for more time in 2006

Julie_MI_Z5December 10, 2005

BIG Decision Day:

I'm definitely over-committed in the volunteer arena since I have a family and full-time job on the side. I feel like I'm never home (and I'm often not).

Three things will be axed off the calendar in 2006: My 3-year term on a church committee ends in May, as do two two-year terms on civic committees. I'm not available for term extensions, and I'm NOT agreeing to add anything else.

I'm for sure keeping Football Moms, Boy Scouts, and my fitness classes. Other commitments are being negotiated in my head.

Wish me luck... I can almost hear the PTA calling now, LOL. Oh, and is that my aunt calling about the family reunion? HELP!

There is a saying that goes, "If you need something done, ask the busiest person." I think everyone must have my phone number.


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You know, there is an old saying: "Charity begins at home". I used to be guilty of saying "yes" to anything, it took me a long time to learn, you cant do it all, and yes, your family comes first. So dont feel guilty.

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I think that's where I ran into trouble.

I got tired of the family coming first, and wanted ME to come first. I thought I would have more time with one kid away at college. So I agreed to do things *I* wanted to do that didn't involve the whole family.

That other old saying: Crash and burn. OUCH!

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Practise with me.... " I am so sorry, I wish you had asked me earlier, but I am already commited to other projects, good luck in finding help with your project.

If you have to tape this to the phone so you can remember it in those moments of weakness.

maddie, over commited, but getting out of it.

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I'm am GREAT at saying NO to things I don't want to do.

I'm BAD at saying NO to things I know I would enjoy.

Julie, the one who has turned down the fabulous opportunites to be in charge of so many things I had no interest in that it would make your head spin.

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