concrete sink, help!

blackcats13November 24, 2008

We have an old concrete laundry sink in the basement. Apparently the frame is rusted out and about to fall apart. Can we fix it? Any ideas? Thanks!

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Can you either post a picture or be more descriptive about the frame, like where it is in relation to the sink, what design it is, etc.

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My parents concrete sink was just sitting on a base made of L shaped pieces of metal bolted together, like you could get at a big box store. The base wasn't actally attached to the sink. The weight of the sink kept it stable on the base. I never knew it wasn't attached until we went to take the sink out (and wow, that sink was heavy!)

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Just make a new base. I've got the same thing in the basement, except its not rusted.

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Thank you! I will try to get more details and a pic when things calm down. Happy turkey day!!

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