where does the everyday stuff go at Christmas??

green_eyesDecember 18, 2005

When you are decorating for Christmas, what do you do with the regular stuff (pictures, candles, plants, decor) that you have around the rest of the year? Do you purge the room(s) first, mix the Christmas stuff in with everything else? Maybe some just do a tree?

I find I am stashing items in this cupboard or that drawer and just end up with more mess after Christmas.

PS: I, being of sound mind (LOL), promise to declutter my whole house, starting in January!!

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My house is decluttered and this is still a problem for me.

Items on the mantle were put on my bedroom dresser.

We don't have room in the living room for the tree without moving something out. I have a rocker just sitting in the middle of my home office area. We had to move the loveseat to the dining room.

The dresser where I put the nativity sets is usually fairly clear of stuff, but what little there is is also in my home office area. But we still need the phone plugged in there and it doesn't add much to the decor.

Probably one of the reasons I prefer a shortened decorated time.


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I tend to be a minimalist to begin with.

Some stuff stays....

A few items get shifted around...extra plant in the bathroom, a few knick knacks into the home office, etc.

Most of the stuff: pictures, table top decor, etc. get put in the bins that the Christmas stuff came out of.

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I use the large rubbermaid containers for all my Christmas decorations. As I take the decorations OUT - I refill the containers with the everyday decorative stuff. That way when I take down the Christmas decorations, the replacement is right there. Works for me.

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i do it Sandy's way... no muss no fuss.


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Sandy and Maddie's way--it really does make it so easy. After the holiday bins are emptied and the everyday items are put in, the bins get put back into the loft where they stay all year so everything is out of the way. After the holiday, we just reverse the process.


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Yep -- a definite problem for me -- way too much stuff around here -- even with paring down!!!! LOL!

So I have to do some "creative" moving and shifting in drawers and cupboards.

When I take Xmas stuff down -- everything shifts again. I take this time as an opportunity to ditch or donate stuff. Looks like I'll be busy in January!!

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My answer is 'wherever'! LOL

I don't do that many decorations inside. Tree, stockings and garland on the mantel and some stray knick knacks. Sometimes llights on a few interior windows. Thazzit.

Now we look like the Griswolds on the outside. The kids love it but I don't have to trip over it.

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I, too, do it as Sandy and Maddie do. Much easier!


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looks like I need some bins!

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I have seasonal decorations for my DR table, the fireplace mantle, the bathroom, the big picture window in the living room, the front of our house (just a wreath or hanging of some sort in most cases), and the top of the entertainment center.

Consequently, I have tubs for each in the storage room, and when one gets packed away, the next comes out. So when I brought my christmas stuff out, I packed away the Thanksgiving things, and when I put Christmas away, my January/Winter things will come out. When I pack up January, my Valentine's deco will come out, then March/St. Patrick's day, etc. Most holidays are only one tub of "stuff", that includes colored/scented candles to match the season, beads for my "candle garden" on the DR table, any seasonal placemats, something for the front door, etc. Some of it does "double duty" as well, of course. Halloween and Christmas are the only holidays that have more than one tub of stuff to deal with. I have a closet with space for extra candles and knick knacks that are out all year.

For the christmas tree, I have to move my "live trees" over, and behind the couch becomes my "jungle" (luckily there's another big picture window back there for them to grow in). And I have to move the couch and my chair about 4 inches to fit the tree...but those just go back where they came from when Christmas is done. :-)

It sounds like a lot of work, but it's not really - no more work than getting the same things out all the time would be. It just takes a little more storage room, but I don't get bored with my decor that way. ;-)

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into the Christmas boxes. Like Sandy and Maddie.

Well, not really--I don't have decor normally, and I don't put out that many pieces of decor--I just add the stockings, the tree, and the china Santa statue. So I don't worry about it. But if I did, I'd just put the everyday stuff in the Christmas box.

But I used to use the Christmas mugs at Christmas time, and I'd just put the regular mugs in the same box that the Christmas mugs came out of. Then, I'd swap them back.

This year, I'm not decorating at all! There just is no time in my life this year, plus we're going away for the holiday itself. So, no decor.

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DH says that scientists will eventually explain earthquakes as "when my wife shifts everything around in our house!"

Sheesh! He's reading over my shoulder as I type -- and chuckling in a most evil way!

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Hi, I am new here, but have been a lurker a long time. I have posted twice I think. Is there any reason my posts disappear after a while? Doesnt anyone like me or what?
Just wondering.

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Green eyes - you need to fill those bins and purge them right out the door - perhaps your son could help you??

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I have no reason not to like you. I dont post much if you post a topic I will try to respond.

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Welcome Bianchi! I think if posts disappear it might be that they have cycled onto the next 'page' of this forum(?). Otherwise there wouldn't be any reason...and as for people not liking you, lurking is usually a good way to avoid that. It's when you START voicing your opinions that you're more likely to get in trouble (ask me how I know :).

Hope you decide to participate; I do think this is one of the nicest and friendliest groups of all the forums.


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Really, I was just kidding about not liking me, since you guys dont even know me. But I did wonder, do I have to pay dues or join in some official way or something to stay on this board?

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Bianchi, nope, no dues. Nothing official. Just start posting!



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Bianchi - I just checked and your posts are still around. Scroll down to the George Bailey thread and you will see your post. The others are on other pages.


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Just last night I heard a short comedy spot on the radio about a woman who had spent $147 at Target buying organizing bins and material to put the everyday stuff in to make way for the Christmas stuff. It was pretty funny.

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According to my mother, you remove ALL everyday stuff to make room for the Christmas decorations--a complete overhaul. The everyday things go... well, I have no idea where she puts them. Her house is bigger than mine and she has lots of big closets.

This year I'm just decorating the living room, which was fairly decluttered to begin with. We took out a chair and a table to make room for the tree, and slid over a couple pictures frames or whatever on the tables to make room for nativities and a candle holder. There is a snowman door stop sitting next to a floor vase, and that's about it.

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Julie - she removes everything? WOW! I have to say that this year I've removed far less than I have in the past. I believe this is because I've become simpler with my decorating.


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My mom has way too much time on her hands. And she says I should remove everything from my dining room hutch and replace it with Christmas themed items.

I thought about it once, then realized we would probably have a Christmas themed dining room for the following 18 months until I got everything back to where it belonged.LOL

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