that drawer under your cabinet to the counter (dish hutch)

illinigirlFebruary 13, 2014

how tall is a good height for that little drawer? 6" ? 8"?

mine is spec'ed for around 9 and I think it's too tall.

looking for advice.

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Are you talking about a base cabinet with a top drawer?

5" would be great. I have some with 3" and they're stupid. Can't put much in them at all.
9" is rather a lot of space wasted, unless you're planning one of those inside the drawer, cutlery pull out things, I'd think.

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No. I mean a drawer under a dish hutch that goes down to the counter. So an upper cabinet that comes all the way down to the counter but with a drawer underneath. Mist people seem to call them dish hutches or just cabinet to the ciunter

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It's usually 3 6" drawers or 2 9" drawers to keep the standard 18" of space between the uppers and lowers. That way, all of your uppers line up. That/s drawer front dimensions, not interior dimensions.

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here is an image of what i'm talking about:


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I know several GW-ers have this....I would love a little more input as we are down to the wire on my kitchen layout and the last thing I need to do is decide all my drawer heights! It looks to me like most of them have a 6" drawer height (same as a top drawer would be in a bank of lower drawers) Just want confirmation.


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Do you have a plan for what you want to put in there? That might help you decide. I know it's kind of hard to imagine at this stage, especially when you've never had one before.

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Sophie Wheeler

Too many varied cabinet heights in that pic. It needs to be cleaned up and unified. The drawers on the counter should leave the upper cabinet being the same height as the others. The glass uppers should be a consistent horizontal line around the room, including over the oven. It's too higgledy piggeldy.

And no way are you getting an tha6 tall drawer under a double oven. There's something off about many of these measurements.

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I can see what you mean about being glass over the ovens but what is of about the other measurements? Why is there a problem with the draw under the ovens? Please advise. I am being too supportive the drawings very soon.

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Shoot. Phone auto corrected. What I meant to say is that I need to approve the cabinet drawings soon so if there are changes I need to make them quickly.

I don't know 100% what I would put there as the main reason I wanted the drawer there was so I can set something on the counter in front of it and so open the door, like a stack of plates or a couple bowls, etc.

Things that comes to mind are flatware or take out menus. Not large bowls or Tupperware or anything like that.

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9" from the counter to the bottom of the upper glass cabinet.
The exterior of actual drawer is 4.5 tall, interior of the drawer is 3.25" tall.
The whole upper cabinet including the drawer is 62.25".
It's a narrow drawer but I've has no problem utilizing the drawer space.

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Holly? Where did you go please? Don't say something so scary and then leave me wondering.......what is off about my the measurements as shown?

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Illinigirl-here's a photo of another kitchen with varying cabinet heights, looks good to me. Don't want you up all night worrying.

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