Giving a gift of helping to organize

dee4nebraskaDecember 9, 2013

I want to give a gift of helping organize to a close family member. How do i do this without them being offended? She knows that her house is a mess but because of a full time job and a family she can't get a handle on keeping up her home.She has already tried Flylady. I have the time to go help her for perhaps a few days.Should I make a gift certificate? I hate to see her place in such chaos and I know she hates it, too.

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Maybe term it "an extra set of hands" and less "organize your home."

The one thing I'd ask is, has she voluntarily spoke to you about her distress with keeping up her home? If -she- has brought up the issue, then your worry that she might be offended would be smaller.

If she hasn't brought up the issue, you need to frame it away from "the house is a mess" and into, "You're so busy, and it would be fun to spend the day(s) with you."

Maybe give her a pair of rubber gloves in your size and a gift certificate that says, "a set of helping hands is ready to go inside these" or something.

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I'd love just such a gift. I've often said, I do know how to clean and organize, but it's boring. I would appreciate having a friend keep me company when I'm sorting, give me her opinion on whether to keep or chuck items, run small errands. Put this bag in the trash, run those old clothes over to the Salvation Army, etc. Maybe make a "gift certificate" to announce your gift- "This certificate is good for 20 hours of organizing help or general cleaning from Miss Tally Sue". She may be embarassed initially but her embarassment won't last long. It's a great generous gift for anyone.Where I live, a Professional Organizer I know of charges $75 per hour, most jobs take at least 4 hours. so it's worth $300.

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I knew I could count on someone to come up with the right wording for this gift. Thank you so much! Yes, she has spoken to me many times about it and was even feeling bad she couldn't have her daughters birthday party at her house because parents might come in. I am confident now she won't be offended by such a gift. I am also giving her other things so it's not like that is the only one.Of course they will be ones that will not add more clutter. Thanks again!

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She may be saying things about the mess in her home as away of apologizing for the mess. It may not bother her at all. If she says something about the mess you might get away with offering to help her by saying you have some free time and you would be glad to help her with it. If she is not receptive and doesn't accept the offer, you know she doesn't want the help.

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