Organizing Walk-In Coat Closet

dst27December 28, 2007

Hello from a long time lurker.

I live in a house with a lot of angles, including a walk in coat closet with some unusual dimensions. There are five walls - think of the geometric shape of a somewhat crooked house. The longest wall is to the right of the door - it is four feet and that is currently where the coats are hung. To the left of the door is a short wall - about 2 1/2 feet of usable space. In the back of the closet there are two more short walls - about 3 feet and 2 feet wide, respectively, which adjoin on an angle (I hope that makes sense). The fifth wall contains the door and the hanging rod for the coats hangs on this wall and the back wall.

This closet stays cluttered, with shoes and bags all over the floor. Currently, I have a hanging bag for gloves and hats on the 2 1/2 foot wall (works, but is very unattractive). On the adjoining 3 foot wall, I have a shoe rack on the floor (although the shoes are always on the floor!)and (overloaded!) hooks. There is nothing on the (back) 2 foot wall, and the 4 foot wall is crammed with coats. There is a shelf above the hanging rod with much wasted space above it, as the ceiling is 9 feet high.

I want to remodel the space. What I am thinking of doing is switching the coat hanging to the 2 1/2 and 3 foot walls, and installing a wall of floor to ceiling storage along the 4 foot wall. I was thinking of Ikea wall cabinets to the ceiling for closed storage, then open shelving below for baskets and the like. There is an electrical box for the alarm so I can't do cabinets along the entire wall. I don't really want to put any storage on the back of the door, I just want to maximize the space inside this deep, high closet, so that I can see the floor.

Will what I am thinking of work? Can anyone give me any other ideas?

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Your ideas are promising, but I also love to play with spaces, so here's some of mine - What about first putting up shelves on the 2.5' wall on the left of the door to help that clutter, maybe with hooks under the bottom one (3' high?) for umbrellas, or a stand there. Then move the coats right to the back along the 3 & 2' walls (in one line vs separated by a door) with shelving above. On the 4' right wall would be a big organizer thingy, either open or closed, for maybe larger items that need storage (aside from what's in there now), and with proper handy racks for shoes - off the floor.

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