CD storage question

marie26December 8, 2007

If you've been following any of my posts, you'll know that I have many empty plastic sleeves. Is it safe to (temporarily) put CD's into them for storage? Is the plastic in these sleeves any different than the ones that are made specifically for CD's?

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Are they rigid or soft plastic (like baggies)? I'd be afraid to use soft stuff because it could stick, deposit 'dust', etc.

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They are the soft kind. I suppose I could use paper (which I have lots of printed on "junk" paper from all my weeding) to protect the disks. Would that work?

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We have several cd case "binders" that are the soft plastic pouch but they are lined with a soft felt type material to keep them from scratching and sticking.

We store all of our DVDs in them and toss the original cases- it saved us so much space. It's unbelievable how much space the cases take up and organizing them in the dvd binder is so much easier.

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