FlyLady Flies to Iraq!

sable_caDecember 2, 2005

I'd been looking at FlyLady for about a year and last night finally joined and received my first digest this morning. My main problems are four hotspots that I've managed to create in every home I've had. So I hope that she'll help me with those, as well as just cheering me up about my home.

Anyway, this morning the first digest appeared in my Inbox. And scrolling through it, I found a post from a soldier in Iraq, whose wife sometimes forwards her digests to him. And he writes that it suddenly occurred to him that the country of Iraq, having lived in chaos for decades, could benefit from FlyLady. As I understand it, his company is involved with training the Iraqi army to stand on its own. The faster they do, the faster we can get out. So he and his men are working with Iraqi soldiers on the principle of 'baby steps' (of course, they don't use that term, nor do they mention FlyLady). They don't have to clean their non-existant sinks every night; they have to clean their rifles every morning. Then they have to master keeping their uniforms in proper condition. Etc., etc. The posting soldier thinks that it's working.

My DH and I have worked with the American military for decades. I know that rigid, automatic routine (e.g., square corners on one's bed) is crucial for discipline and progress. And this has nothing to do with the controversial question of whether or not we should be in Iraq. It does have to do with managing the situation we find ourselves in and saving our troops' lives. And I find the idea of applying FlyLady's principles just fascinating! Not trying to ruffle and feathers here. But the journey from chaotic thinking and chaotic living can be so difficult. So cheers for this very smart soldier!

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Sable I absolutely agree that *the disciplines* taught in the forces save lives and are totally applicable to our homes (and vice versa). While I don't think any of us need to apply quite so rigid a structure as that required in the forces, as likely we aren't saving lives daily by following a specific protocol, the order and more - much more - importantly, the peace and serenity that is derived is worth much.

After reading much throughout the day, (instead of doing much thruout the day) I'm about to post my own topic of a similar nature. I'd post here but am thinking no one would ever find it due the topic header.

Cheers to you & DH for your work.


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