Kitchen in Progress. Keepin' it Real ; )

laughablemomentsFebruary 19, 2014

Our 5 year long DIY kitchen remodeling project has been showing some progress recently. Yippee!

DH got some of the new doors and drawers built and installed (white paint coming soon.)

The pantry doors are on and the cabinet over the fridge is in.

He had time over the weekend to get the island top cut, but the laminate is not done yet. Our custom support system is one of a kind (a paint bucket on a stool at one end and the old island stuck under the other end of the new top.)

Don't you just love the "movement" and "texture" in the temporary top? The scotch tape over the little holes is a nice touch, eh? : )

A few of you asked to see the front part of the kitchen in a different thread, so here it is.

The lighting is more accurate here, but the counter with the DW's will be removed in the near future.

We do love the post and beam structure that we were able to leave exposed.

Hope you enjoyed our little "Keepin' it Real" kitchen tour. : )


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Fantastic! When (finally) done, this kitchen will have soul and charm that CANNOT be BOUGHT. It will be the pulsing heart of the household. I love that you are working with what you have, doing it yourself over time, and making it fit the character that the house asks for. Keep up the progress!

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I like it! Those posts and beams are beautiful :)

Are you still moving? Everything is looking so nice...tell DH well done!

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Oh, man. You're shaming me!
My excuse is always, "when it's done."
I'm going on 6 years, 7 if you count the year we had a fire. I wasn't able to do anything that year, so I count from 2008.

I love those beams, and BOY do I get that support system!
When I hang cabinets, I prop them up on drywall buckets and extra pieces of lumber I have lying around. Where would we be without them!

That progress sure has to be a sense of accomplishment! :)

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I could totally live with that! My "mock kitchen" for two years was two doors from my demo'd pantry stretched across two sawhorses in my living room. We made do with only a toaster, a microwave, and a coffeemaker. Sigh. I almost miss it. Good times!

Looking good!!

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This is going to be a truly awesome kitchen. I wish I had this type of vision and patience! Your floors are incredible. The entire thing is going to be so homey (pretty sure that its my favorite word for a kitchen). Great table and chairs.

I like how you're using dresser drawers in the dining room. Reminds me of the honeymooners. How do you like this? What can you keep in them?

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Love the post and beam. I also ask are you selling this house?

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Thank you for your encouraging words, beautybutdebtfree (like the name. : )), Lavender Lass, CEFreeman, jellytoast, magsnj, and debrak2008.

Yes, we still plan to sell this house. The kitchen is the main bugaboo that's keeping it off the market yet. Once it's done, up for sale it goes.

It was fun to expose the post and beams, and to find the wide plank floors under the layers of carpet, old vinyl stick tile, and subflooring.

We've found dressers to be highly useful items in the kitchen. They'll hold pretty much anything a set of cupboard drawers will hold as long as the bottoms are solid enough. In mine you'd find surplus items like table cloths and decorations, kitchen equipment that's used infrequently: rolling pins, waffle irons, etc., lightbulbs + batteries, and snacky stuff that's eaten right at the table: chips, crackers, granola bars, and so forth. You might even find my 4 year old's wardrobe in some of them, as we usually change her downstairs! LOL

Thanks again for the kind words and support. : )

Oh, and speaking of support, Christine, it's sounds like you might like to own a cabinet jack. Need another tool in your tool stash? It beats holding up cabinets on your head (not that I've done that personally, or anything, smirk), or trying to find the right sized cookbooks to get them to the right level.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cabinet Jack

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What one can do with the proper tool!
I actually stand on the counters, press my head against the ceiling and screw my cabs in. Not sure what I'd do with that nice lookin' fella. :)

Jellytoast, I had the same situation! I had the freezer part of a side-by-side, microwave and a sometimes working toaster oven. No water, no heat (or air), and everything ran off extension cords to the breaker box. I look at the very few pictures I have and know I must have been in a pretty bad place to somehow find that OK.

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Love seeing this! It will be a beautiful space, and it's fun to be able to see it coming together. You know it's a well-run household when the tablecloth holes are fastidiously taped. ;-)

The post and beam structure and plank floors are awesome.

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Christine, you really must know "Jack". ; )

It truly is amazing what we can adapt to when we are in the midst of living life, isn't it. Normally I try to pkg. up my kids outgrown clothes and save them for the next in line. At the beginning of this reno when the whole place was skeevy, I had to toss a lot of my crawler's stuff. It was ruined by the filth that we were living and working in each day. Fortunately, the lighting at the time was deplorable, so mostly, I just didn't see it. Yikes.

Thanks Mudhouse ! "You know it's a well-run household when the tablecloth holes are fastidiously taped. ;-) " Really gave me a chuckle. : )

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You cracked me up with the "movement and texture" photo. You are working with such a beautiful space. I think my kitchen will be in progress for a looooong time because we are DIYIng a lot of it.

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