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wantoretire_didDecember 3, 2005

Can anyone recommend software for Windows XP for home use only (no business)? I used to use Sidekick, which I loved, but it isn't made any longer. I'd like something updated, similar to Sidekick if there is such a thing.

After Christmas I bought and installed "Organize Quick and Easy 5.0" and input my info. Have used it off and on this year mainly to print calendars and address book, but I'm not crazy about it and now it says it won't open. Actually it does, but all of my input is gone. So, if I'm going to start from scratch, I'd rather have a program that I like. I don't have any type of handheld, just a PC.

All this as I was preparing to address Christmas card envelopes. Thanks.


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I haven't used Sidekick since my not-so-dear-old DOS days! I loved it, though. One application you might consider is Palm's Desktop software. You don't need a Palm handheld to use it (though I do). I've found it pretty much bulletproof over several versions. It can be downloaded from Palm's site.

BTW, this solution also applies to Macintosh users, with a Mac version of Desktop software at the same site.

Here is a link that might be useful: Palm Windows Desktop

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I second the Palm Desktop software. Also, if your computer came with Microsoft Outlook, that works well, too.

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Another vote for the Palm Desktop. I'm not familiar with Sidekick, so I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for. Depending on what you want, Outlook does work pretty well. DH both use the Palm software & have been for several years.

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Thanks for all your advice. I went with the Statrack Address Manager which I've downloaded and used already. It has what I want, but will have to get the calendar from another source.


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"Time & Chaos" was recommended to me on an organizing site many, many years ago. You can get the next-to-newest version for free--and it's new enough that it works with Windows XP and some PDAs. Here is a link to download it (scroll down to where they list Legacy Products to get the free version). You can do all sorts of fun things, like set up repeating tasks and alarms. Well, it's more fun than actually doing the tasks. ;)

Here is a link that might be useful: Chaos Software

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