RH Silver Sage...will it go with....

cavloverFebruary 27, 2011

Antique white trim? I love what I see of Silver Sage and want to repaint my small sewing/craft room. I want a soft soft blue green gray color....BUT not too gray or silver...which is too cool for me and I know it would not go well with my trim. BM Paladian blue is way too bright for me...just to give you an idea of the color I want. I don't want a bright aqua/turquoise but something like a diluted robin's egg...so I could then use darker accents with it in my fabric and accents.

Any input would be much appreciated!

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Sure, it will look lovely.

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I agree - that's a gorgeous paint shade!

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Most of my home is this color. Here is a photo of my living room. The wall unit is an antique white. But my trim & mantle are crisp white. I like having more than one shade of white anyways...keeps it from being too matchy matchy. I think SS is a great color. It definitely looks more green in my house (lots of light) but my blue tone chairs look great with it. Hope that's helpful!

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I recently had Silver Sage custom matched at our local paint store from a can of my mother-in-law's Silver Sage purchased at Restoration Hardware. I, too, was looking for a soft blue green gray color. The guy at the paint store told me that SS actually has no blue in it at all. So I had him cut out just a couple shots of green and replace it with a couple shots of blue and now the color is just what I had been looking for. So if you are looking for a blueish hue, you may want to add a shot or two of blue to the SS formula. Oh, and it goes great with my antique white trim. Hope that helps.

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Yes! Check out Jeff and Audrey's apartment in Rules of Engagement. While the wall color may not be SS it is very close and they have a very off white trim. Looks great!

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BTW....RH's Silver Sage is the same as Benjamin Moore's Gray Mist....exactly the same.

I like BM paint and used that instead of RH.

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I think tinkersouthernbelle meant to say gray wisp. I had it color matched for my bedroom and it is gray wisp. It is a beautiful color and looks great with darker accents.

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Thanks all! I ordered a sample can off of the RH site and will see how it looks to be sure. It says it has a velvet finish which sounds interesting too.
Tink...thanks for sharing that photo! Very pretty soothing room...loved it!
Brown eyed girl...would love to see a pic of your paint result. I'm a bit timid about changing the color...just not sure I'd get the same result.
Will post a pic of this room soon as I need a little help with where to stop the painting for the ceiling. It is a small room and the ceiling angles up 3/4 of the way...
Here is a link to the fabric color I'm looking at to use with the paint...so will see if it all coordinates.
Thanks again!

Here is a link that might be useful: Waverly fabric

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