Pre-cooked prime rib question

maid_o_cliffOctober 15, 2010

I received, as a gift, a very large pre-cooked prime rib from one of our vendors. Since it is from a restaurant supply, there are no instructions as to heating. It is supposedly cooked to a rare state. While I have cooked my own prime rib, I have no idea how to reheat and not overcook this big puppy! It is in a very heavy plastic with lots of juice in the bag. I know I could cut large steaks and put them on the grill but would like to try to reheat as a whole, lots of family coming.

I have come back out of lurkdom, knowing someone on this forum will probably have a few ideas.

Thank you in advance,


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Here is a link to a discussion on the product you have.

Here is a link that might be useful: Reheating

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Unless you like medium rare and no rarer than that you will have a hard time reheating a roast that large...unless you portion it out and reheat each portion.
The link posted by Theresa doesn't seem to have info about reheating a whole roast, only individual servings.
I would wrap closely....leave the au jus to be reheated separately and warm in a low oven...maybe until the center measures 100 with a instant read. That if you want to maintain some rare...make it perhaps 110 for will continue to cook after you remove it from the oven.
It is already cooked and simply want to warm it to serving temp without drying it out.
Heat the au jus and put a spoonful over any serving that may seem too cool rare.
sounds lovely! I am for sure jealous!
Linda C

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My brother has this tip he shared that he learned in a cafe he worked in..
Cook the roast to rare and reheat portions in jus and beef drippings that are simmering..a quick dunk to keep it rare, minutes longer to "doneness desired"..

okay found something that may be useful for you and also somewhat describes the method above.

You do have to read it all...lots of "information" spread amongst the stuff you are looking for.

Here is a link that might be useful: Prime Rib reheat..

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Terri - that's the same link I posted. You do have to weed thru a lot of info, but an interesting read.

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