Bedroom closet clean sweep

marie26December 21, 2007

DH went through his clothes in the walk-in master bedroom closet. He didn't find any to throw away. No surprise there. But he did manage to take all of the clothes off of the hangers and put them in a pile on the bedroom floor. Ugh!

I've decided to pull out everything from the closet which includes my clothes, shoes, boxes that were under the clothes, a 3-tier small basket "dresser" that I keep my undies in, pictures in frames, a 4-drawer rubbermaid cabinet that holds all his wires and electronics, and a 3-drawer plastic container that holds all his work related stuff.

Then I'll just pack up everything for the move except the clothes which will be divided for the move and the car trip. The clothes for the move will be put back on the rack and will be packed on the day of the move in used wardrobe boxes that the movers will bring.

I should look at his pulling his clothes off the hangers as a push for me to get started in there. I have errands today so this is the plan for the weekend.

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sounds like a well organized plan ; can you help him weed through his clothes?,
I usually have to get involved if I want dh to discard anything.

I'll hold up a shirt and proclaim, I really don't want you to wear this anymore !!!

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I got DH to throw away 3 items. He's a homebody and "needs" all those old, stained shirts to wear at home. His clothes and shoes are ready to be moved. Now I have to do the rest of the closet. I'm going to take his work papers out of the plastic drawers and put them in boxes. I've decided not to do my clothes until January. Many of them are in another closet and I'm going to empty that closet and bring the ones I'm keeping into the MBR closet and pack my things from there.

It's hard to pack right now when I don't know where I'll be living. It might have great storage or hardly anything. That will change my mindset of what needs to be done. And I don't want to throw away everything just because of an apartment that I might only stay in for 1 year. I've never had a storage unit but don't even want to consider one. Another thought I just had was that I've been looking for 2 bedroom places (my daughter is coming with us) and I don't know where my tall 5-drawer filing cabinet will go. How does one go from 2000 sq. ft. (not including garage) to maybe 1000 sq. ft. and no garage?

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DH went through his old work papers. From 3 pretty big plastic drawers and 1 book box, there are now only 2 book boxes and 1 small box. He had several huge binders that I threw away and put the papers into 1 1/2" binders. I don't know why I didn't think of this ages ago.

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marie, any purging you do is a good think, no matter how large your next place is going to be............

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