Granite Counter colors help

Rob5hamFebruary 6, 2014

Hello, I've enjoyed reading/spying on all the wonderful stories and great suggestions. I need some designer help. We are doing a reboot of our counters---long story.
But we are putting in Blue Pearl Royale on the perimeter with full backsplash. It's beautiful, but dark. We have a good size island w/ overhang (52x78) that we had planned to do in the same granite, but now we are thinking of doing either a White Eyes or Vanilla Sky granite--basically not too busy with lots of the blue/silver veins that match perfectly with blue pearl along with some small red spots. It feels like it might warm up the blue pearl a bit. I'm worried there might be too much going on. Our appliances are black & stainless; cabinets were painted blue with farm red underneath(in the paint) also painted farm red accents in wine caddy & toe kick . We also have a neutral brick stovetop alcove with NO IDEA what to do with the backsplash there. The blue pearl was too much there.

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We paired Blue Pearl (Island) with Bianco Romano (perimeter). Your other choices seem close to Bianco Romano. The samples I had during construction seemed to go really great together, but in the kitchen they clash...big time! Maybe it's the light, maybe it's the color of the cabinets. ??? I absolutely hate the two together and wish I had used only the Bianco Romano. So now we are taking out the Blue Pearl and will either get a quartz (maybe Caesarstone Haze) or wood to replace it. I don't mean to sound like a pessimist, just want to caution you to make sure your slabs work together. I thought mine did, but I was wrong.

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Thanks for the good advice & heads up. I wonder if your Bianco Romano had a lot of warmth to it (cream)? We looked at the two choices and some slabs were quite a bit more yellow than others. The White Eyes is just barely off white. I think the closer to a true white background is the only way it's going to work together. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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What about Spring White or White Neutral. The pic is of White Neutral.

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You make a valid point about the tone of the Bianco Romano. That is only part of the issue I think. It's like the warmness of the Bianco Romano is clashing with the coolness of the blue pearl. I believe you are spot on about getting a true white with cool undertones.

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I recently installed bianco antico and I love it but it may not suite your colors

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I think your kitchen sounds lovely- I love the desciption of the blue cabinets with farm red undertone. I think another granite at all would be too busy for me. I would probably look at a very light silvery gray quartz.

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