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marie26December 4, 2006

I am now using the first shelves of 2 of my upper cabinets for my tupperware. I know I keep things neater when they are not in a lower cabinet. But I feel these shelves should be used for more important items. Lately, I haven't been using that many pieces of my tupperware. I'm not sure why, however.

I have a large corner upper cabinet but the door isn't that large. I use the first shelf for my measuring cups and a few other things that I use daily. The second and third shelves are mainly for storage items that I hardly ever use.

Do you think I should move the tupperware to the second shelf? I am short but keep a small, cheap kids' plastic stool to get to the higher shelves.

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I put all the tupperware in the upper corner cabinet on the second shelf. Since they sit in each other, there are only 4 stacks. I use a wire rack to hold all the lids and have decided to keep that on the first shelf of a regular upper cabinet since I won't have to move it around in that location.

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It depends on how much you use the tupperware. Thats a lot of priority location cabinets. I agree with you about not using the stuff so much--I don't know why either. Except maybe I am cooking smaller portions for the family and have eliminated some items from the menu like tuna casserole with swiss chard and lentils. that always produced a lot of leftovers.

We switched to just two siZes of Glad storage containers and they fit inside each other. The rectangular salad size and the large rectangular 9 cup size. I keep that in a lower cabinet in a bin that I used to store potatoesin. I got rid of a lot of the other assorted sizes of glad and ziploc.
I pulled out an entire two boxes of other tupperware stuff and when they sit on the floor long enough to assure me I won't miss them--out they go. Its great to store flour and sugar in tupperware but aside from that --the plastic lite stuff is fine, and I can give away stuff in it, or bring it to work and throw it out if necessary.

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I use an upper corner cabinet for all sorts of misc things like ramekins, glad containers, tart pans and other things that just don't have a natural home. I have two corner cabinets and the other next to the range has a lazy susan in it and holds spices.

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Sounds appropriate to move them to the "not often used" space if you're really not using them. Perhaps you should downsize your tupperware collection to the things you do use?

I keep all of my tupperware in a very skinny cabinet (9inches wide I think)right next to the stove. That's the most convenient spot for me to pack up the leftovers from dinner. I have various sizes and 3 different shapes of rubbermaid (round, square and rectangle), but they all go into 3 neat stacks with their lids beside them because they are all the same brand.

I do not think tupperware should really take up that much room. I do have a few larger tupperware containers that are on the top shelf of a larger cabinet, but they're probably stuff I should toss or at least store in the garage since I use them so rarely.

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