Really nice dressertop valets?

sch9171December 31, 2007

Does anyone have a recommendation for places to get very nice dressertop valets? I'm looking for something with compartments to organize all my pocket junk, not just an open tray like some I've seen. Most of the ones I've found have been cheesy fake leather, fake wood (or some sort of veneer), etc. I want something in either a good natural wood, or real leather (or some combination thereof). Nothing that looks cheap or is going to start looking cheap soon.

There are some I've found on Google that may be ok, but it's so hard to tell from a single photo, and the websites and manufacturers are all ones I've never heard of, so I have no way to know if they're good. Brookstone has a few that look ok, but my experience has been that I can usually get something nicer somewhere else for the same price. I just don't know where to look!


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I found some (in leather) at my local TJMaxx store that I'm currently using with hinged lids. They often have them, and mine are still holding up after a couple of years.

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I've seen nice organizers in Bed Bath and Beyond also.

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Cool, thanks both of you. I'll check those stores out.

I've also been looking at these two:

* RedEnvelope "Deluxe Valet" (just search for that; their URLs are incredibly long, and this site doesn't allow URL shortening services)


The FrontGate one is kind of cool because it has a built-in power strip, but I'm not sure I really need that. The only thing I'm likely to charge is my phone (and maybe my wife's)...

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I found nice fabric ones at TJ Maxx, and they weren't expensive at all.

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sch9171, you can use the "Optional Link URL" after your post to add a link without putting the whole URL in the post.

I've copy/pasted your Frontgate URL below, and used the word "Frontgate" in the "Name of the Link" field.

You can also use HTML to put a link with a word directly in the body of the post.

Thank you for not putting a huge URL in the post. It makes everyone scroll back and forth the read the replies.

Here is a link that might be useful: Frontgate

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Ah, thanks. I forgot you can do HTML here. I know about the "optional link url" feature, but I don't really like it, especially when I have more than one link (it's easy to miss, "here is a link that might be useful" is an annoying label, and with multiple links it makes it look like one is more important than the others).

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Pottery Barn has some really nice ones.

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