21 inch sink

marioncohen1February 20, 2013

My cabinet guy wants me to do a 21 inch undermount sink and I think its to small. Does anyone agree or disagree. I can't do a 30 inch sink. What is the size after 21 inch?

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Rachiele, LLC

Hi Marion,

I would say 21" is way too small. What is the size of the cabinet that the sink is going into?

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there are sinks that hover around 24 in that can go in a 27 in sink base. Try the websites for julien/franke/blanco-they'll show you the dimensions.

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Or, you can go to AJ Madison's website. You can filter by a certain range of widths. Or, you can follow the link I give you below, which lists all of their sinks in order of width. So the widest come first, all the way to their narrowest.

Here is a link that might be useful: All sinks, listed from widest to narrowest

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My new sink is 28 inches and it seems huge to me compared to my old double-bowl sink. I love the way it looks, but I sometimes think a smaller sink would have been more practical, especially if I ever actually filled it with water ... I don't. Instead, I use a utility bowl accessory that fits over the granite for washing dishes, then rinse them on the opposite side. Could I get by with a smaller sink? Definitely. I can't imagine why I'd ever need a sink bowl this big because anything that large would probably be washed in the laundry sink.

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21 Inches would definately be too small for me. I need room for my messes!!

I have a 30 inch sink base cabinet and was really upset when I thought at first that it would only fit up to a 24 inch sink. Thankfully I went to a plumbing showroom and they intorduced me to the beautiful new 28 inch Frake, grande model. It's a 28 inch rectangular single bowl which will suit me perfectly! In the showroom, it looked PLENTY large. I got the Danze Opulance faucet, which looks beautiful with it!

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I have a 21" undermount ss Elkay and it is not way too small. It fits my cookie sheets flat on the bottom. I don't store dirty dishes in the sink - they go directly into the dishwasher (dishdrawers).

I previously had a 21" drop in ss. The undermount "feels" smaller, maybe because I am avoiding the edges to avoid chipping the granite edge and for that reason if I were to do it again (and I am not), I would get the 23" which I believe is made by Kindred. But again, the 21" is functional. My sink base is a custom size less than 27" - maybe 26 1/2" and the wider sink would have fit.

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