The story of our renovation

jiggreenNovember 28, 2010

I've been photo-documenting (with comments) our journey from pre-purchase through now (using facebook)... If anyone has a facebook account, feel free to browse and read (laugh and cry!) along with us! The album is set to public, so I actually think anyone can see it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our Money Pit adventures

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Thanks for allowing me (us) into your home! It's amazing what you've accomplished. And It is such a great looking, cozy place. I LOVE it!

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Thanks! We have a lot going on... a lot of 80-90% projects finished..nothing 100%..haha! I think I might have a touch of a.d.d. I can't stick with one project long enough to see it through to completion...I jump around so much, always meaning to "get right back to it"...but by the time I think about it again, it's 4 more projects later!

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I'm going to have my daughter read your post. She just doesn't The bathroom cabinet I started stripping, the 1/2 bath I (mostly) painted, the kitchen I WILL start soon... And I want to insulate the attic and back porch. I need way more time and even more $$$.

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I love it! Thanks so much for sharing ~ there were so many things I wanted to comment on, lol! I like how you hung a more decorative curtain from the ceiling in your bathroom by the tub ~ great idea and nice touch. You are an amazing interior decorator ~ I can't wait to see how the summer kitchen turns out. You are going to keep your second story, right? And not actually make a vaulted ceiling as is in your "inspiration" building? That one is a really cool idea, but I also like the idea of having a second story there. Very cool, thanks for sharing!

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I hope I don't make anybody sore at me when I say I'm kind of rueful that you chose to do this on Facebook.

To me, Facebook is like a gated community, while the web is like a real old fashioned neighborhood, open to all. It seems contradictory that old house lovers would decide to live their virtual lives in gated communitites.

Facebook limits your "audience" to only other facebook users. Those of us who choose not to get involved in that world (for whatever reason - I have my own and I know others do too) are left out.

Please consider transferring your reports to an open blog so everyone on the web can join you.


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davidr, I set the album status to "public" and then logged out of my facebook account, so I was just an anonymous user..and I was able to click see all of the pictures, so I don't think anyone will be left out. (I am going to work on transferring the pictures to another website, but haven't had the time to do's been easier just to keep uploading the pics to facebook.)

mrsrichards, I wasn't sure about the extra curtain in the bathroom...but my mom kept telling me she had a beautiful curtain and that I should use it. She spent an entire weekend crawling in closets and in her basement to find where she stored it...after all of that, I felt compelled to find a use for it!

As for the 2nd story on the summer kitchen...we need to take down what is existing there, due to a complete lack of support for those 2nd floor joists. They are currently held up by 1x1 strips around the perimeter of the room and that one beam running through center of room! Scary! I tihnk we will add back in a 2nd floor, but not over the entire space...I'm leaning more towards a loft with an open railing, perhaps over 1/3 of the space and leaving 2/3 vaulted. (still trying to work it out in my head!)

kindred kids dont get it drives my son crazy that so much is "almost done" and then he sees me doing something new. I figure if it makes him that nuts..maybe he should grab a paintbrush and help me!!

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LOL Jig, I like the way you think. Let me know how that works for ya! :-)

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Thanks for sharing! The way you dealt with the divider by your front door gave me a great idea for the hideous ones between our living room and dining room!

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Take before and after pictures blackcats13!

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blackcats 13, here is a before/after shot of our hideous divider....I don't think I had a photo in my facebook folder showing just how truly horrendous our divider originally was......

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I set the album status to "public"

Cool, I didn't know you could do that. Excellent! Many thanks!

I love the cistern pump with the trough. :)

It'd be interesting to see what the top floor of the summer kitchen looks like (before you rip it out).

We have tiled countertops now and I don't know that I'd ever use them again.

Keeping the grout clean is a pain (though you may already know that). I use purple industrial cleaner, can't think of the name right now but it's the same stuff restaurants use, at about double strength - diluted half as much as the label says - and a toothbrush. Bleach works too, but it's really hard on the hands and clothing.

Also, almost every dish and glass I've ever dropped any distance onto the tile countertop has cracked or broken, unlike my experience with good old formica countertops. The formica seemed to have a little "give."

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Glad you were able to see the pictures davidr! I love the hand pump on the cistern the spring I will be repainting that pump and making it more of a "feature". And, back when we first moved in and had well problems, I was out there hand pumping water...I felt so! The white tile w/ white grout is a temporary was the most inexpensive way to get a decent countertop in there, and for hubby to do the breakfast bar overhang. It was even less expensive than formica because I picked the 12x12 sheets of the porcelain tile up for .61 cents each (love those clearance deals!!) I needed to do something...the old formica that was on there was lifting up and it was just a mess. Someday down the road we will do a kitchen renovation...we're still in the "make it livable/cosmetic upgrade on a budget/make do for now" stage :)

I will take pictures of the second floor of the summer kitchen today...I keep forgetting that I never took pictures up there..thanks for reminding me!

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Here's some more pics from around the house..mainly old stuff we've run across.

Here is a link that might be useful: cool/quirky stuff around our house

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jiggreen- Great photos, and I feel what you are going through. My house looked a bit like that when I bought it, and yes, 50 or so paint cans later, it now feels like mine! In fact, I had that same pink on the moldings in one bedroom and that same green on the stairwell in my basement- brings back fond memories of when I first bought this place!

I love the summer kitchen- and can't wait to see your progress on the kitchens forum. I love your decorating style throughout the house- paying homage to times gone by!

At this point I just want to wish you the best of luck and stamina as you continue your journey with your old house. That house is very fortunate it found you and I can reassure you that all the back aches and bruises are so worth it! And don't worry, the kids will come around some day. :) Keep posting!

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jiggreen, I wish I lived next door! I'd be over helping you every day! What a treasure!

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I really enjoyed the transformation. Great colors and the green on the cabinets does a nice job of updating them.

I do have one thing that really bothered me. I was disappointed to see that when you removed the asbestos floor tile that you didn't take any precautions to protect yourselves or your family.

A proper mask, some 6mil plastic, a water spray bottle (keep the tiles slightly damp as you take them up) and a warm soap/water mixture to clean up after is all you need to keep the possibility of asbestos from getting around your house. DH and I only had about 5 tiles break when we removed a double layer and it wasn't too much more effort to be sure we cleaned up properly and kept everyone safe.

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igarvin, at first we didn't realize (actually hubby didn't even think about the possibility...) that they were asbestos. As he was cutting through them, (and a friend mentioned it to me) I researched the tiles and realized that they most likely were asbestos. I was then able to convince hubby to put on his respirator and to be careful with his cleanup.

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