What were these little extra 'porches' called?

camlanNovember 20, 2011

On some older homes in New England, there is a large open porch, with the front door opening off the porch. For cold weather, the homeowners could set up a little vestibule just outside the front door, on the front porch. There were three sides, one with a door. The fourth side would be the exterior of the house and the front door. I think there was also a little roof/ceiling.

There was room for two or three people in the vestibule. It created a little "air lock" between the cold outdoors and the warm inside and helped to prevent cold air from blowing directly into the house when the front door was open. Come warmer weather, the pieces could be taken apart and stored down cellar.

Does anyone know what the "official" name of this vestibule was?

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Whatever other name people might call them the architectural name would a "vestibule", perhaps more specifically an exterior vestibule.

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