company that lacquers brass-Boston, MA

mbarstowNovember 17, 2012

We have acquired a very old set of fireplace equipment, including a coal firebox in cast iron with the front grill in brass. I have spent a month cleaning and polishing, and I think my fingerprints have disappeared! Does anyone know of a company that lacquers brass located around Boston, MA esp. the north shore?

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I do not believe they are allowed to use lacquer any longer.

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Spray can.

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"Deft Clear Wood Finish" is sold as a water-borne acrylic or a solvent-based lacquer finish.

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In my area Rustoleum sells aerosol lacquers in various colors and finishes, including "clear, gloss."
I do not believe that lacquer would stand up very long were the coal grate to be in use. Back in the old days, it was one of "Bridget's" chores to polish the brass as needed.

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Get the solvent spray lacquer version.

No lacquer will stand up if the grate will be used.
Even 'high temperature paint' for engines and grills will not stand up to direct flames for very long (and often stinks as it burns off).

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