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valtogDecember 21, 2006

I am a lurker/occasional poster here. I just wanted to commend the contributors on the forum for the supportive, non-judgemental offerings you all have taken the time to post. I have received some wonderful tips and hints in a genuinely warm and friendly atmosphere. Thank you all. Val

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thanks, Val! that's nice to hear.

We all beat ourselves up so much over being "messy" or "disorganized." I think it's important to have some *friendly* "company" in our striving--companions who are encouraging, helpful, and kind.

It helps a lot to get that from folks who have struggled with the same difficulties (whether internal, like my inherent laziness or lack of decisiveness; or external, like the special projects the teachers keep assigning my kids, or the lack of shelving in my closet)

The "oh, me too!" theme is really comforting, and actually energizing.

But I think we also do a really good job here of KINDLY saying to people, "you know, you just have to stop being lazy and DO it" or "you have to make yourself stop buying so much stuff" or "you only THINK it's still valuable--it isn't!"

Those can be hard things to hear, but sometimes they're necessary to hear. And for the most part, I think we are able to say it with great kindness, great empathy (bcs most of us need to stop bringing stuff in, get off our duffs, makd a darned DECISION now, Talley Sue!!), and great encouragement.

I have "met" so many great people here, and gotten such great advice, tremendous encouragement. I feel like I know all of you in person, LOL!

If ever any of you is in NYC, drop me an e-mail a few days ahead, and we'll meet at the carousel in Bryant Park or something.

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You are so right, Val. There are mostly friendly and helpful people all over GardenWeb. It's a wonderful group.

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I also agree. I have found that the people on this board are very supportive and non-judgmental. That's especially important when we need the push to continue in our quest for a clutter-free home.

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Thanks for the invite! I have a silly NYC story...(seems like the older I get, the more silly stories I have...)

I've only been once. Years ago when I was living in MA, we had a girl's only spur of the moment trip to see the St. Patrick's day parade. We all had a great time. We stopped for a bite to eat before we headed home. My friend ordered a bowl of clam chowder. Well, we're New Englanders, you know what we expected... ....Hehehe. The waiter served up the bowl. She looked down into it and stared for a few minutes. Then the lightbulb went off over her head. "Oh...Manhattan style!" We still get a laugh out of it! BTW...once the shock wore off and she tried it, she loved it!

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Cute story!

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Thankyou , I too enjoy this place and have found comfort and good ideas! from:ddcile5

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