Ladies Belts -- What to do with them?

Julie_MI_Z5December 28, 2005

In the olden days, I had a belt for each outfit and the belt hung on the hanger with the appropriate article of clothing. In my current life, I have several belts that are shared between all outfits.

What's the easiest way to keep the belts? Hanging them in the closet didn't work (too hard to get them out) and I kept them rolled in a basket for a while... but that only lasted 2 days before they all came unrolled. Maybe I should have put rubberbands around them or something?

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I just put nails in the my last house, it was in the closet, in this house, just behind the door. Each belt has it's own "nail", and just hangs there (normally they're out of site, since the room door is usually open). Then I can just grab the one I want in the morning, and hang it back up at night. Simple, easy and cheap. :-)

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At my old house, there were cuphooks inside the closet for belts. That worked great. No closet here, so that's not going to work.

And, believe it or not, I have pictures hanging on the wall behind my bedroom door so I can see them when the door is closed. No belts going there! LOL

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Well, you get fat and wear fat-lady elastic waist pants with T-shirts over the pants. That solves that problem. Or at least it did for me.


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I only have a few belts, so I just throw them over the bracket that holds up the shelf. There, how's that for a great organizational tool????


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On the wall, behind the door on a belt hanger, hanging from a cuphook on the wall with a wall anchor that just happened to fit the cuphook.

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Gloria... you're so funny!

I think I'm going to try rolling them again, with rubberbands to hold them rolled. It's nice because I can see if the buckle is gold or silver, but not-nice because I can't tell which belt is which length.

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I bought one of those funny hangers with a dozen little hooks for belts on it. It hangs in the closet like the rest of your clothes, but holds a ton of belts, scarves, even small handbags. Pull the hanger out and all the belts are right there. It works for me :).

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I bought a belt hanger ---

Each hook holds two or three belts -- and mine is hung on the back of the door leading into the master closet. Easy to see and choose!

This is the tie-hook rack that we also hung for the DH. He loves it -- uses it for belts and ties. Holds LOTS!!!!

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HA! I have one of those metal belt hangers that hang with clothes. It's in a closet that's maybe 2-feet wide and stuffed. Everytime I pull the dang thing out, all the belts fly off except for the ones that stay jammed next to whatever they were next to in the closet.

This afternoon I read a (borrowed) decorating magazine (some sort of cottage-style decor). I definitely liked the sparse rooms better than the ones that looked like half the decorations should be eliminated. I defintely love the Less is More look now, and I didn't use to be that way!

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Gloria - I was going to say that you can hang them in the closet and hope that one day you will return to that waist size!!! One is a belt that DS made a Boy Scout camp lo, these many years ago. He is now 45. Need I say more?


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I've decided even if I ever get a waist back (lost it somewhere between kids 1 and 4) I'm sticking with my elastic waist pants. These things are so darn comfortable I can't believe I waited so long to try them.


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Gloria, you're too funny!

No elastic waist pants here because they ARE comfortable!

Having too-tight pants is my cue to watch what I eat for a while. It's a much better gauge for me than the scale. LOL

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I have a belt organizer designed to hang on the closet rod, BUT---I hang it on a nail or hook on the inside of the closet wall, in the front. So I don' t have to dig through the clothes to get it.

Mine is the loop--I do have to take the front ones off to get the lower ones, but it's better that the one I had before w/t he slots; it bent my belts funny, and they wore out faster.

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Here's a cheap, easy method for storing belts. Remove the metal spine from a 3-ring binder (the bigger the better) and mount it on your closet wall. You can open it up, hang the belts and then snap it closed so the belts won't fall off.

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LOL... but we would have to remove all the clothes from the closet to get to the 3-ring binder thing. We really have SMALL closets.

My parents could do it... their closet is the size of our bedrooms!

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