How do you organize your 'project' papers?

marie26December 3, 2006

I have projects that I'm working on that I cannot seem to get a handle on how to organize into sub files. What questions should I be asking myself as I do this?

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*how important is it that there by sub files?
*how likely am I to need that info again? (stuff that you prob won't need may not need a sub file)
*is there any large subcategory that deserves its own sub file, even if the others all get lumped together? (in my "fun" folder, I have a subfolder for the Zoo; everything else is just lumped together)
*how are these things alike, and how different? (inside vs. outside; generated by me vs. generated by others; recurring vs. one-time; big-ticket vs. small change; physically large vs. physically small)

I think if you cannot get a handle on sub files, then maybe you don't need them. Or you only need a very few. Or you need to look at it from some other angle.

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I have manilla "project" folders with preprinted spaces and lines for contact info, project updates, etc. The ones I got are in the middle of the page in the link below. The page also shows other options for storing like-papers together. I think I found mine at Walmart or Staples.

Here is a link that might be useful: Something like this may help....

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Thank youm Maura, for that link. I had never seen these before but I think they'll work for me. I'll check them out the next time I get into "town".

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Depends on the project.
For our kitchen remodel everything is in a large gold envelope. The bathroom that we did 4 years ago has its own envelope.
This might not be the best way...but when I need to know how much the shingles were all I need to do is remember that we did the roof when we added on for the kitchen.
Karen L

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Marie, my current project is a bathroom remodel and I've been managing all the paper with excessive use of my three-hole punch and by putting everything in a binder. I found some Post-It labels at Office Max, which I applied to the front page of everything I wanted to categorize like Lighting, Plumbing, Fixtures, Accessories, Quotes, PAID, etc. etc. I particularly like those because they are self-sticking but can be moved if you need to. It's been extremely handy to have everything in one place, and be able to put my hands on whatever I need instantly. My sheetrock guy came for a bid and was flipping through my book, and told my DH he thought I was extremely organized!

Here is a link that might be useful: Post-It Labels

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