Bellmont 1900 series sample door is here!

williamsemFebruary 22, 2013

There has been some interest in seeing Bellmont samples, so I thought a seperate thread would be useful for those searching. I will post some pics of my materials and questions in another thread.

So this door is Bellmont 1900 series (frameless cabinets) sample style Savanah in maple with Java stain. It looks a little darker in person, a nice rich brown color. Just what I was hoping for!

This is a good picture of what the color looks like in person. These were all taken with the iPad so I could get them posted.

And a close up of the detail

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Those look great! Are you happy with it and is that your final choice? They even look good with the linoleum, lol

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Well, it took longer than expected to get the door, so the order went in a while ago and that makes it my final choice, lol! Actually, the cabinets might be here in about 2 weeks (!!!!!) so we can inspect and reorder anything damaged/incorrect and still hit our 5/13 install date. Demo is 4/29.

I'm happy with it. I feel so much better now that I've seen the color on maple in a bigger piece than the sample chip. It's not blotchy, which was a concern, so I'm very relieved!

It also feels solid and stable. The inside corners of the rails and stiles meet very tight and neatly. It feels very smooth. The sides are all flush where the joints are. Aything else I should check?

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It is lovely!

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They look beautiful! I'm thankful you posted. I'm continuing to try to hunt down Bellmont in town and try to get an estimate - as well as a white sample door.

You must be getting excited!

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It's beautiful. You must be so excited. I can't wait to see them installed!

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Steph2000, have you tried the dealer locator on the Bellmont website? If there are not any dealers near you, see if they can point you somewhere via email.

I'll post more pics once the cabinets arrive, but then we'll have to wait a while before I have installed pics.

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There are 2 dealers in Anchorage, williamsem. I went in to talk to one last week. They had the 1600 displayed, but not much for the 1900. She's not wanting to even talk to me, though, unless I hire her and kicked my partner and I out of the shop at closing time. The other is a construction company and I don't think they have a showroom - I have a voice mail into them trying to figure that out, along with if it is possible to get a sample door and how to make that happen.

Your stain is great, though, and we are considering that for the bottoms. I haven't ruled out a 2-tone kitchen yet.

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