MW over single wall oven - placement question

gigibozoFebruary 2, 2013

I am planning an Electrolux MW convection oven with a pull down door over an Electrolux single wall oven. The KD suggested that the bottom of the MW be at 48". The top of the MW would then be at 70" with the controls right below that. Just wondering what others have and how it's working for them. BTW, I am 5'5".


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rule of thumb is the platform of microwave is best situated approx 3 in below your shoulder. A pull down model may be slightly different-but the fiddling/stirring/grabbing hot item occurs at the bottome of unit-getting to the handle and opening should not trump what happens once you get the door open. As far as the controls-it becomes 2nd nature using them in a short time.'s still the retrieval and mixing/stirring/etc that are the demanding functions. It sounds you have counter landing next to it? that's important since it's in a stack.Make sure it's in a good spot overall in your layout for various people getting at it-sometimes off to the side is better/out of the way of the cook when she is busy.

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I swear I am going to break my husband's tape measure! That sounds about right then. Yes, the stack has a 24" counter to the left of it and then there is the cooktop.


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I have pantry space over my microwave. The bottom of that pantry cabinet area is even with all of my other uppers in the kitchen which are all at 55.5" from the floor. 55.5" = 36" base + 18" to bottom of the light rail + 1.5" light rail. The top of my MW is at 54", with trim between that and the pantry area, single oven under the MW.

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