Photos of the new beadboard kitchen & pantry

schoolhouse_gwFebruary 20, 2011

These are the best pics I could get of the room. I love the pantry, almost hate to paint the walls! Thanks to all on this forum and the HD forum too for all the helpful tips and encouragement, and for the photos of your BB kitchens you shared, so I could realize what I have been dreaming of for years.

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Oh,'s beautiful! How wonderful to realize your dreams...and finally get the kitchen you've always wanted :)

As always, I love your stove. I'm so excited for you and look forward to seeing more pictures, after you paint!

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I am psyched for you!
Have you seen aokat's beadboard ceilings? They were done with a white semi gloss (I believe) and is simply stunning. I can't remember if that was posted here or the home decorating forum.

I will be watching for your final reveal. What color/s are you thinking for it all?

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I don't remember whose kitchen it was, but I saved his/her photos (sorry if I was wrong to snitch them!). This person had a big kitchen with white beadboard on walls and ceiling with a schoolhouse type light fixture only it had a green base with white globe. There were vintage cupboards, green like mine, and you could see through to a dining room or sun porch I believe. Anyhow, their photos confirmed what I hoped BB on both walls and ceiling would look like, and I should them to my contractor.

My walls and all trim including crown molding and baseboard will be creamy white/nearly yellow, ceilings a very pale blue.

I bought my light fixture six or seven years ago with my SO when he was still living. It's a florescent light, something I did not want, but Mike convinced me it could be changed out to incandescent; so I bought it(?). When electrician asked to see the light I explained the situation and together we looked at it and in the box was the bulb. Turns out it is a yellow florescent, that is, gives off light similar to incandescent. BUT, I wanted a dimmer light switch installed which he did earlier. He looked at me and said, "Well, you do know you can't dim a florescent"., it never crossed my mind. After thinking about it overnight I decided to switch out the bulb so that the lamp can be dimmed. We shall see.

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