My junk mail to new homeowners

lellieDecember 4, 2005

I get a lot of junk mail addressed to me.

I'm moving out of state in 2 weeks.

How do I stop the junk mail with my name on it from being delivered to the new homeowners?

Simply alert the Post Office?

They won't send all that junk down to me at my new home will they? LOL

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I'm afraid it will find you eventually, one way or the other. Talk with someone at the post-office to get the low-down.

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I didn't think they forwarded third-class (junk) mail. I'm still getting stuff from the person who sold me my house three years ago. The first-class stuff should get forwarded, but I would guess there isn't much of that (too expensive).

If you search the Web, you'll find out how you can get off the mailing lists. Might want to do that for both your old and your new locations.

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In preparation for my move, I first filed a change of address with the Post Office. Then I called the customer service number for every catalog and junk mail I received and had my name and addressed removed. I also requested that my name and address not be shared with affiliated companies and/or sold to other companies. I made over 150 calls so that the new owners will not be inundated with my mail. Since financial institutions are notorious for sharing names with affiliated companies, I did the same with my credit cards and banks.

I also registered my name, old address, and new address with the Direct Markeing Association (DMA). The registration puts your name and address on a Do Not Mail list. Now, I only get the junk mail and catalogs I want. There will always be a few new ones that slip through but I call them immediately and have my name removed. The amount of mail I get decreased dramatically. The service is free if done by mail and $5 if done online. Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Direct Marketing Association Consumers Assistance Site

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Whenever possible, I also call and change the address for the prior owner of my new home every time I receive her catalogs and other mail.

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Oh, somehow they find you. LOL

I wouldn't worry about it too much. We still get a few items for the people who lived here at least 15 years ago. Someone's paying for a really old mailing list.

We only filled out the change of address cards for the post office. I had to do a separate one for my oldest son since he has a different last name. I've been amazed how quickly the catalogs (which I never ordered from) have found me again.


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They only forward first class mail. Theoretically they should not deliver anything like that even to YOU, let alone the new owner.

And yes,they eventually find you again. Doesn't take long.

I rarely get junk mail from the old owner. What I do get is not a big deal, a few pieces a month. Considering that because of my online shopping, I'm already in catalog hell, I'm not bothered by it at all.

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I get tons of junk mail for the previous owner. Most days, we have a huge pile of catalogs, offers, etc. addressed to her compared to the single letter for us :) It's getting tiresome. I'm not really sure how to stem the flow...

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My dad gets junk mail at his house for me--and I've never lived at that address.

My friend gets junk mail at her home for her brother, who's never lived in her state--and has been dead for five years, to boot!

Pretty soon you'll get junk mail for the buyers at your new address.

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We get VERY little junk mail. I signed up to be on the Direct Mail Association's Do Not Mail list years ago.

Here's what to do:

1) Save the labels off your junk mail. If you get a lot of junk mail, you should have quite a stack. I also save any labels for previous owners that come my way.

2) Once you've got a bunch, write a letter to:

Mail Preference Service
Direct Marketing Association
PO Box 643
Carmel, NY 10512

Dear Mail Preference Association,

Please remove the following names from direct mail lists:

"Put the addresses from your junk mail labels here. If you look at them closely, there will be variations on your address. Include each variation, e.g. Firstname Lastname, Mrs. Lastname, Ms. Firstname Lastname, F. Lastname... you get the idea>


Firstname Lastname

3) Save the letter on your computer

4) Print it out, sign it, and mail it.

5) Repeat as necessary... your junk mail won't cease immediately, but within six months you should notice a dramatic dropoff. When you first get started, you'll be doing this every few months, but now I drop a letter into the mail every year or so with the addresses from the FEW pieces of junk mail we get.

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I just go through it as soon as it gets here and then throw it out (recucling with the newspaper). I have to admit, I like looking at catalogs though, and then I throw them out, unless.....I find something I like, then I keep it for a while.

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