home for the rooster

robot121345December 19, 2007

what good is a home or a garden without a rooster? well if i dont find a new one for my rooster i will have neither a home . a garden or a happy life. the guy has to go. please help

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I've thought for years I'd love to have a rooster, but with 3 dogs it just wouldn't be a good idea.

Last year at a charity auction on the radio, there was a rooster being auctioned. In a weak moment, I opened the bid at $10 and then feared I'd get him. Luckily someone outbid me.

Does your local radio station maybe have a program where folks buy/sell/ trade for free with no fee?
Maybe put up some ads on bulletin boards...Free to good home.

Do you mind if he becomes Sunday dinner or do you care?


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try Craigslist.

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Where did you get him? Any chance of returning him? Man, we can't have those guys where we live, so I've never given it a thought.


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There are rescues for barn animals in the area where I live -do you have anything like that near you? I love roosters too but know they can be quite a handful. If you list him on craigslist you will need to screen carefully or he may end up in a place you aren't happy about. You might also search for organic farms and/or coops in the area and call a few of them - if they don't want him they might have some ideas of where to place him. Good luck!

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