Vacation Day 4

Julie_MI_Z5December 22, 2006

Our whole house needs to be painted, and I really was NOT looking forward to spending another vacation painting. DH said he would paint (it was his drywall experiments that caused the urgent need for painting in the first place) but he is VERY VERY messy and doesn't believe in things like drop cloths (because it's "just paint" he says as it drops all over the tile and he doesn't wipe it up).

Well, I decided to let him do it. Did I tell you this already? LOL I'm already happy with the decision. Sure, there is spackle on the living room carpet (in spite of the fact we're NOT painting the living room, so go figure!) but it's nice to see HIM doing the work for a change!

He offered, a little while ago, to find another paint pan and roller so I could help. I said no... I'm running back and forth to the shed stripping 50 years of paint off metal heat vent covers, so I only have about 25 minutes between coats so I couldn't get much done.

Guess I should go relax and read a book. ROFL


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It sounds like you are making progress and getting things done - and it is only day 4 - congrats!

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Well, it's Vacation Day 6, and it looks like I'm going to have to take over the painting in a couple days. DH is oh-so-SLOW and only works a couple hours at a time, finishes nothing, and makes a huge mess. Took him 2 days to get part of a 3x8 foot bathroom painted... PART of it painted... and we still have 3 bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, 2 hallways, 1 kitchen and the basement stairs to do!

He has paint on the bathroom tile, the shower head, the floor, the sink, the clothes dryer (which isn't even on the same floor as the bathroom!)... I'm living on Excedrin. LOL

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I hope you get the day off for xmas, lol...

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