I found my 'inspiration house'! Photo heavy

jiggreenNovember 27, 2010

Hubby and I love to drive around and look at what other people have done to renovate their homes. I keep being drawn back to one specific house and yesterday we stopped to speak to the owner and to ask if we could take a few exterior pictures. He was flattered, and even invited us in for a tour, and let me take pictures!!! I absolutely LOVE this house and want to incorporate some of the features, especially the exterior paint scheme into my own home renovation. Also, he has a nearly identical setup for his summer kitchen (the placement of it behind the house, with sort of an "alleyway" in between) The stone portion of the home dates back to the 1790's with the "new addition" portion of the main house (the painted clapboard side) dating back to the mid 1800's.

I know most of you are like me, and love to see inside of other people's homes, so I wanted to share the pictures with you all! I hope you enjoy the "peek" as much as I have!

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Oh, mygosh! What a cute place! I LOVE the floors, and just the "oldness" of it! How great of the owners to invite you in!!!. I miss that the world is less trusting now, and I am surprised that you (strangers) were invites in, but I think it's fabulous! I love the whole "summer kitchen" idea. Thanks so much for sharing. And I can see why you were inspired! :-)

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Wow! What a great house! That is so cool he let you take pictures...inside and out.

My husband and I were talking and he saw the pictures and we both love the fireplace, the beams and the old lock. He even said that there's an old lock like that...somewhere in our old farmhouse and that his grandmother used to have the same blue trim color scheme!

Beautiful old house and thanks for sharing :)

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I love it - I love it - I *love* it!! Such a lovely home ~ I'm sure the home owner knows a true enthusiast when they see one ;) What a great opportunity, thanks for sharing the pictures!

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If I was a homeowner and saw pictures of the interior of my house, along with street signs identifying it's location, I would not be at all happy.

However, It's a great old house!

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patser, you have a point..I think i'll edit that out of that pic and repost it....thanks!

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I deleted those two photos from my photobucket, but it didn't break the link to this thread...anybody have any ideas?

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Ok..got rid of them (I had to clear my cache in order to see that the pictures really were gone)...here they are with the address squiggled out...

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I'm still seeing the first two pictures, with the street signs, at the top of the post...just so you know.

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lavender lass, I had to clear my cache and close out my browser before the pictures went away. I drove myself crazy at first because nothing I did made the pics vanish. Finally figured that the original page was stored in my internet cache. I think the same would be for anyone who came to this posting prior to me editing those pictures. Now I see the photobucket broken link message for the first two pics.

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And just a head's up to anyone who sees those street signs.....the owner of the house is a JUDGE (true!)...lol!

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I'm glad Patser brought that up, because I have a severe level of discomfort with the pictures being posted at all - it only takes one person who recognizes the house to identify it again, and those interior photos are very personal - and then there's the issue of the door lock. I'm hoping the person in the photo is not also the owner but someone whose permission you have to post that.

I'm really sorry, Jigg, but I would remove all the photos and/or ask for the thread to be deleted. It's a shame, because nothing posted on the internet ever really disappears, but if these people did not give express permission for these photos to be posted, I don't think it should have been done.


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karinl...the gentlemen who owned the house didn't have any problem with it, but I sure don't want to bring any problems down upon him, so I deleted :)

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Seriously??? I must have missed the pics with all the cash laying around - and the open safe with jewels spilling out. Let's keep the context of where it's posted in mind... This is not exactly the forum cat-burglars go to for target homes. If any of us were gonna break in, we'd be after the flooring and ceiling beams, lol! (And good luck getting THOSE out without the good Judge noticing!).
Jiggreen, if the homeowner didn't mind - I had already assumed you'd mentioned it to him - then you didn't do anything wrong that I can see. The street sign is blurred now, & it seems like this has gotten blown a wee bit out of proportion. :-)

Of course, I have been referred to as "naïve" a time or two... So I guess I could be wrong. (Again? Really? Lol!).
Just seems like if the homeowner knows it's there & doesn't mind, I don't know why you'd have to delete it.

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Thanks ks_toolgirl :) I feel fortunate to have been able to been privy to a tour of the home, and he was so eager to show us around. My camera is huge, it certainly wasn't hidden! And the judge knew I was taking pictures and I had told him that I knew a bunch of people that would love to see them also...he seemed to have no problem with it at all. He didn't ask me not to publicize, nor put any limits on what I could and could not photograph. I wouldn't ever want to do anything that would bring any bad events into his life, and I wouldn't want to think that my innocent actions caused him or his wife any harm....so I can see patser and karinl's points also.

I actually deleted the pictures to keep the thread from disintegrating into a debate/discussion on the ramifications of posting pictures. My intent was to share my good fortune of being treated to a tour of this wonderful homestead, and to share the experience with other people of similar interests :)

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Also...the person that was visible in the photos was my hubby....I think he was drooling over the beams in the ceiling..lol!

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