Searching for the same brick

vittorio_2010November 8, 2011

I've been checking out local shops and searching the internet, but I'm unable to find the same brick for my house ( ). I live in NY/NJ Metro and I was wondering if there are any specialty places that may possibly carry this style brick. Thank you in advance.

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New bricks are very unlikely to match older ones, even if they are the same style.

you might try finding reclaimed bricks in your immediate area.
They may match if of the correct age.

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I agree with this. We tried to match up the brick on the front path of our 95 year old home this past spring to no avail. We finally settled on the closest one to it we could find. It was virtually impossible to get an exact match without being lucky enough to find reclaimed matches, which we didn't have the time for (a step was falling apart and our town was mandating we fix it pronto).

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