How do I make a Hanging Closet Pole ?

houstworksDecember 1, 2006
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I just made something similar for my closet. I used rope to act as the wires. I think the rope was synthetic. Once I loaded up the rod, the rope stretched so I needed to retie my knots a couple days after installation to get the rod back to the height I wanted. Everything has held for a couple of weeks. I spent about $5 for the rope.

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Thanks for the help Colebug!

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For that price, I would just buy the thing, but since you have the pole already, maybe nylon rope wouldn't stretch as much? I would probably just get two or three braces, which are meant to hold the pole and put them in for a more secure set-up. We've done that in two closets and it's very easy to do. Just get them in studs and you can have the bottom pole any length you want.

Our local big box stores have these, but I've never checked the price.

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I just watched my husband put up closet poles and they have metal brackets which hold up the pole but they also have a flat surface with space for screws so you can put a shelf on top and screw it to the brace. As Gloria pointed out you need to make sure that you screw them into a stud. Also my DH used brackets at each end and some in the middle. They really hold a lot of weight as they are 9 feet long, and packed with clothes. I have also seen more elegant brackets which are wood. Target has an inexpensive line of closet stuff also. By the way, he got a new wireless screwdriver with a light on the front of it, which seemed to really make the job go fast.

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What about using chain instead of rope?
Kathy G in MI

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