I have got to admit......

maddiemom6December 25, 2005

I am ready to be done with the season... Although we do celebrate christmas ( Santa) it's not a relgious celebration for us since we are not Christian, so I am ready to pack it all up and get moving on some projects that will bring some peace to my new year.

Making *homes* for all the objects we wish to keep in our home... I have come to the point where I feel that if we want or need to keep something than it deserves a proper home. If we do not have a place to *put* it or don't want to take them time to create a home for it then we need to take a hard look about owning it. THIS IS HARD on many levels but it is my goal to work it out for not only my stuff but the rest of the stuff in the house. I am past caring what other members of this place feel like. I am the one who ends up cleaning it all up...so by default I get to say where it goes and what we keep :-)

Harsh?..perhaps but maybe my family will wake up and start taking notice of the mess around this place!

Maddiemom, on the post holiday warpath!

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Maddiemom, good for you! I did just that this year and it feels so good to be able to find something because it has a home. I gave my kids to take home whatever stuff that belonged to them. It finally occurred to me that they have more memories of their stuff than I do. That included photos.

Keep us posted. Posting on this forum kept me going.

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There is nothing like a trip down the holiday warpath to give you incentive to de-clutter the house! LOL

I'm happy to say that the outgoing items exceeded the incoming items this month, so net-net we're in better shape than we were at Thanksgiving, LOL.

Get yourself a box for trash and a box for donations, and let the clearing-out begin!

Hoping for some inspiration from you so I'll keep de-junking the house, too!

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