Basement VICTORY!

emmhipDecember 4, 2006

Well, my basement is finally perfectly organized and neat. Everything is in containers and everything is on shelves! I am so happy about it and feel as though a heavy weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Half of our basement is a finished family room, and the other half was the part of the house no one could ever, ever see. Now, they can! I had accumulated an unbelievable 20 plastic bins of baby clothes!!! I couldn't believe it! I had been saving them because before I had my second child, I thought I was having a girl, but he turned out to be a boy, so it was time to purge. I am down to one box of keepsakes now. I even went through the kid's closets and purged them at the same time. I just had crap (decorations I don't use, random kitchen stuff etc.) everywhere in that storage room, and it felt so good to get rid of it. Now I have tons of extra plastic bins. My husband put up a few new shelves, and we were in business. Even my laundry room (which is connected to the new storage area) is finally neat, clean and organized. You may remember me from this forum before, looking for laundry advice "Laundry Mountain Nightmare". Well that is finally under control too! There is hope out there, you just have to go through one bin, bag, card board box at a time.

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Yeah!!!! Good for you!!!! I bet you keep going down there admiring all the work you put into cleaning it up.

How did you decide what was the crap?

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I would look at an object and think, "do I need this, will I ever think about it again if I throw it away?" Usually the answer was no. Then I condensed a lot of the things that I have to keep, like old (quality) photos. It's amazing how many pictures I had kept that were out of focus, too dark, doubles, etc. I also had tons of craft supplies. Tons. Soap making, ornament making, Sculpy clay, paints. I weeded through all of that stuff too, although I kept most of it. I just needed to organize it and condense it into a container (instead of 4 small falling apart card board boxes). And, yes, I do keep going down stairs to check it out! We are having guest over tonight and I am bringing them right in! lol!

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oh, I'm so pleased you were able to get rid of stuff! it's must be so much easier to organize the stuff that's left.

Oh, and what an insight about all the photos that are out of focus, etc.! I've been trying to toss these as they come back from processing.

And new shelves--yay, INFRASTRUCTURE!! isn't it amazing what a difference it makes to have shelves enough? I mean, a body can fill those shelves up pretty dark quick, but if you don't have enough in the first place....

One at a time--that's a great mantra.

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Congratulations! I remember how happy I was when I had that same victory a few years ago. It's a GREAT feeling to be in control of the storage area!

I did finally pare down the craft supplies. As much as I enjoy making projects, I realized that I could be snowed in for MONTHS and not get to everything I wanted to do. LOL I'll start over when the kids are grown and I have more free time.

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