Wall Color???

catt11February 3, 2013

Can anyone suggest what color from the Ben Moore or Sherwin Williams paints would you say comes close to this beige-gold color on the wall of this bedroom picture I came across from a magazine? Our trim and doors are stained close to the color of wood in the four-poster bed in this picture and I have so many problems trying to find a color for the bedroom wall that is what I like as well as looking good with the stained doors and trim. But this beige gold in the pictures looks good to us! Would also have some blue in the room from a chair and perhaps bed pillows.

A paint color similar to this one as well as any other suggestions for our master bedroom are greatly appreciated!

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I think Benjamin Moore "Muslin" is actually close.

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My living room is SW Believeable Buff and looks very similar. I still love it 4 years later.

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This reminds me of BM's Desert Tan.

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LOVE BM's Muslin! It is a terrific color, at least in our home and in bff's home. Looks different in each (looks lighter in her high ceiling-ed entryway, compared to our downstairs guest bedroom), but equally perfect.

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I'm sitting in my LR, painted in SW Ivoire, and on my screen it's a pretty close match for the color in this pic.

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I also have SW Ivoire and it does look very similar. The color of the bed is very close to the stain on my kitchen cabinets.

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Annie Deighnaugh

On my screen it looks close to BM Montgomery White

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I agree with SW Ivoire.

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Maybe BM Golden Straw.

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Thank you all, for giving me a good place to start in trying to identify this wall color. I have started checking the colors on the BM color wheel I have at home and will in the next day or so, go to the SW store to compare the SW colors against the above wall color as suggested here.

As stated, I am finding that in this house with stained trim and doors that I have many more problems trying to find a wall color we like AND that looks good with the wood stained trim compared to the much easier time I used to have with white trim and doors in previous houses.

Thank you all, again. People on these forums are not only so very knowledgeable but also very helpful and kind.

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Also try BM Malton, looks very close!

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I was going to say SW Ivoire, too. I have similar colored dark wood trim in my living room with SW Blonde, and your pictured room's walls look just a bit lighter. I found SW Blonde after exhausting all the similar possibilities from BM!

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