built in wardrobe closet? inspiration pic

mary_lu_gwNovember 5, 2010

I have been trying to come up with a plan to build in a wardrobe in our guest bedroom(no closet). I found this idea at TOH and thought it could be built as a wardrobe vs. kitchen cupboards, building it a little deeper. Our ceilings are 12 foot and we would build it floor to ceiling.

What do you think? Would it look ok? Period appropriate for an 1868 home?

Similar style cupboards currently in our laundry/mud room

THO cupboard idea. Would even like the rolling library ladder, but not sure how feasible it would be.

This is the wall it would be built on and the bed would be moved to the other end of the room. Not sure if we should/would carry the cupboards over the bathroom doorway or not? Thoughts?

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I think it would look very nice, and the ladder is a great idea--only thing is this: I wouldn't do cabinets over the bath door unless you were going to do another unit just like the first on the other side--symmetry was all the rage at that time with the influence of classical architecture.
My friend's house has similar height ceilings, and she has real cabinet/closets in her dining room with the end wall next to the central door being curved plaster. Her house is the same age as yours.

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Love the ladder. That looks like a relic from an old hardware store or shoe store, even an old library.

Unless you plan to use the wardrobe for hanging storage of clothing year round and not just when guests are in residence, there is no reason why the clothing could not be facing front on a sort of 6" long bar, or hooks with hangers on them too. If the wardrobe doors are about 24" WIDE, and have enough HEIGHT as well, this would work nicely for standard length dresses and trousers, and really fine for blouses/shirts or skirts.

Closet depth is usually 24" front to back. Do you have a room large enough to accommodate a wardrobe that deep?

Also another option:
In that first photo, the location of the barrel. Put a door into the wardrobe behind the barrel location, and keep the rest of the closet configured as it is. That would give as much hanging space as a coat closet and adequate for a single guest.

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columbusguy1, thanks. I too am thinking I will not run the closet over the door. There is another door just across the corner from the bath door. So would be difficult to run the closet around the corner. Does that make sense? Also can't afford to lose that much space from the room to run another closet on the other wall.

moccasinlanding, yes there would be enough space. The wall we intend to build it out on is at the end of the bedroom. Have measured it out and would still leave plenty of room between the end of the bed and the closet. Probably even enough room to have a bench at the end of the bed. This first picture posted is from our laundry/mud room and that closet if full already! Quite a few rooms away from the guest bedroom, so not an option to convert it to a guest closet.

We really do need the extra closet storage space, as our home was originally a school house and there are no built in closets. So all (3) closets that exist are built out style closets. The ones below are in our bedroom, and they are just not enough. So we would use most of the space in the guest room closet as well. Would leave some for guests, but only have weekend guests a few times a year.
Our bedroom closets...

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Love love love the library ladders!!! I got one, with the railing, free on craigslist. I had a cathedral ceiling in a 900 sq ft cottage and was going to use it there. Alas, we moved before I did that. Haven't found a new place in the 230 year old house we bought for the ladder system, but I'm still thinking on it. Maybe when we remodel the kitchen :)

I would run the storage over that door. Imagine how much useful space you have up there.

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Hi rafor! Any chance you might want to find that library ladder a new home for a good price? Have tried to get 3 and for one reason or another just too late, already sold, etc. Just lost the 3rd today and got door smashed in parking lot only to have the woman deny it! $200.91, hubby on business trip, going to totally freak. SO, it would totally make my whole year if you were anywhere close to Ohio and did want to sell it. Thanks in advance, Linda

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Linda, I'm not in your area but here is a suggestion. 2 weeks ago I was in CT and went into a Borders store that was closing. They had their library ladders for sale. So find one of those stores near you that they are closing and maybe you will have some luck. They were also willing to sell the rails that went with them.
Good Luck!

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