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houstworksNovember 23, 2008

HI I have a very small full bathroom.

The room is only 6'2" x 5'11"

I have an Oak Vanity with sink in it and would like to change the wood on the bottom of the vanity.

Does anyone have any ideas for this?

Am I in the best forum for help on this?

More storage would be very useful in this small space.

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Another picture for style in the wood bathroom.

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I think that vanity is cute in a funky way. Could you use some baskets under it to increase the storage? Or build a "drawer" with a cover, either fabric or wood, and put casters on it so you could store things there that aren't used very often?

Maybe you could put a couple of shelves with fancy iron brackets up below the medicine cabinet?

Or maybe I'm missing the point here. If so, sorry, I wasn't sure what you meant, Did you want to enclose the underneath section with a hinged wood flap or something?

Also there is a bathroom forum and they are pretty clever over there too.

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Maybe I am not understanding the question/problem in the post. It sounds like you want to keep the counter/sink and replace the bottom. Why would you not just rip the whole thing out and put in a brand new one? It looks like there is a problem with the setup of this one with water running down between the wall and vanity and also the unit is sitting on the baseboard instead of the floor.

Why not get a pedestal sink in its place? Or get a whole new console vanity and sink unit? It seems like it would be easier AND cheaper to do.

Here is a link that might be useful: Little wooden console sink vanity

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Have you considered just painting the vanity (with at least a semi, if not a high gloss paint as it is in the bathroom? As for storage, we'd need more pix to see where (in the whole scheme) you might have room for e.g. either wall hung or free standing cabinets or shelves of any size. Changing the vanity won't give you more storage in that spot (the space is what it is), though of course you could always put something above the sink.

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I guess I'm looking for carpentry help with how to make a drawer or something that matches the style of the dresser.
But if it doesn't look right I won't want to change it.

Bananafana - I wouldn't mind another drawer on the bottom.
I don't know how to go about making one and also keeping the old design going.

I am also interested in decorating the bathroom. It needs some color and shelves too.

Do I need to sink the medicine cabinet into the wall?

Interesting I hadn't thought of a hinge flap on the bottom.

Dilly Dally - I would like to keep the whole cabinet.
It took the previous owner a long time to get it in to the place it's in.

There isn't any water running down the wall.
The tile is just an attempt to add some color to the room.
If I put in a smaller vanity I'd loose more storage space because of the pipes taking up a lot of the space.
Although the one in the link is really cute.

Lucy - I have a few more photos but they are hard to get with the room being small. Maybe I'll try setting auto timer on my camera.

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It seems like someone might be able to remove the curved trim piece on the bottom and build another drawer, then re use the trim near the floor level. I always think things are easier than they are tho, lol.
I painted my living room/dining room a caramel color and it looks really good with my oak furniture. I like grey/silver as an accent with it.

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