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idie2liveDecember 28, 2009

Hello Everyone, My name is Loretta. I've been reading this forum for a while, and have seen tons of good advice.

I'm not known for being the most organized person, but I have something to share. I x-posted this in Small Homes forum where I usually hang out.

Back in the spring I had some work done on the house. One of the things I decided to do was build a small pantry (2' wide) and use my present pantry/storage (6' wide closet in the kitchen)for something else. I found that the more space I had, the more 'stuff' I piled in it. Well, I have been half heartedly getting rid of unneeded and unused items. It is still not empty, but I thought I would show you all my progress.

This is what I had.

This is how it looks now. All of the Christmas bins will be stored outside in the storage house. I plan to give the copier to the Salvation Army. Eventually I plan to move the freezer in this space and have shallow shelves beside it.

And this the new pantry. I told the builder exactly what I wanted size-wise, but was a little worried that I was going too small. But it holds plenty for 2 people.

I have another storage space in the hallway, that I plan to reorganize also. Progress is being made - slow, but sure.


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Hey, Loretta! Thanks for sharing your before and after photos. Good inspiration. Congratulations on paring down and desinging your new shelves. They're really nice.

MaryLiz in Michigan

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Loretta, you did such a good job. I love it that the shelves aren't deep, and adjustable. I would be thrilled with a pantry like that. Inspiring indeed!

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Congratulations! That is quite an accomplishment. Thank you for the inspiration.

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Thanks everybody. There is nothing like looking at a picture I plan to put online to show me how much clutter I've been living with. lol

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Oh, gosh, it looks great! Welcome to the forum. Doesn't it feel good to reward yourself by looking at the photos of your accomplishments!?

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Thanks, Loretta. This motivates me to keep on sorting through my stuff. DH does the cooking and sometimes buys way more than he needs. The plastic containers are forever tumbling out when I open the cupboard door.

Welcome to the forum.

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I have a pantry closet that looks a lot like your "before" picture. LOL. I could organize it in about an hour , just by putting "like with like". Thanks for the inspiration to organize!

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Terrific job with your pantry organization.

If you are like me you keep looking at it admiring your progress and enjoying the neatness.

Keep it up!

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Loretta, you did an awesome job! What will you be using the original pantry for now?

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Looks great!

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Hi Ladies!
I thought I would show the final result of my pantry/closet pare-down.
I have room for the freezer, shelves up top which are 2' deep, and shelves on the side which are 12" deep. I have room for my fryer, roaster, steamer, ice chest, brooms, mops and vaccum!

Also, here is a pic of my newly cleaned and purged linen closet! (I'm getting to like this)!


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I dream of one day being so organized! I love that you were able to make everything easier to see and work fo you better! Congrats for an inspirational job.

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Loretta, love the before and after photos. You inspire me!

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Thanks ladies. I'm finding that the more I do, the easier it is for me. Of course it helsp that I don't have any little kids at home anymore. It is a process, though, isn't it?

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