Electrical Outlet Cover Gaskets

natewallNovember 2, 2005

I plan on installing electrical outlet and switch plate cover gaskets in my house to slow air infiltration to help reduce heating costs this winter. I know you are supposed to install the outlet gaskets on the the inside outlets and switches that are on outside walls. Should these gaskets also be installed on the inner wall outlets and switches? I'm not sure if air will leak in around the outlet boxes on the bottom floor and escape into the attic around the top plates on the inner walls. This is a two story Cape Cod style house.



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I've never yet seen the gaskets on inner walls.

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I think it depends on your house. We have put them on the inner walls because our inner walls are not insulated so we do seem to have alot of air coming through them.
They are cheap anyways, so it doesn't hurt to do it.

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All outlets leak even in new construction
when holes drilled through top plates are
sealed. Foam gaskets are inexpensive and
installing on all outlets & switches is
a good idea. You will feel more cold air
on exterior walls, but gasketing all would
be my choice.

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Get the little cover plugs for the holes where the appliances plug in. A lot of air can come through when they are left open.

Some of our interior walls need gaskets, others don't. It depends on the way they are connected to the outer walls.

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Since ours is an after job... I just get my hand wet on a windy day and then put my hand in front of the outlet in questions... if I can feel the air I mark it as need ing a cover ( little colored dot tag)... I also add it's number to the number of those little outlet caps we need. i but a few packages each time we are at Lowes... while not *all* that expensive... arund here the gasket covers ar $1 each so it can add up after a bit.. it's easier a bit at a time.


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I was wondering where people are buying their foam electrical outlet gaskets?

Most of the ones I've seen are for the old electrical outlets. Does anyone have one for the newer LEVITON outlets?


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The best and cheapest place to buy electrical outlet sealers is from http://www.reducemyenergy.com

They sell in bulk, and you won't be ripped off by paying retail prices at your local home improvement store.

They offer switch, outlet and decora styles in 50 & 100 packs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Electrical Outlet Sealers/Gaskets

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After the energy audit sponsored and payed for by our co-op, we certainly did install the gaskets in all of our interior outlets as suggested. It was necessary in our house, because of it's triple course brick construction. The walls, essentially, are hollow and you bet we were getting cold air movement out of those.

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I found a company that sells the "Decorator" or "Decora"
Leviton switch and outlet sealers/gaskets. I looked all over for these foam gaskets. For those of you don't know, the Decora are the fat, contemporary rocker style switches found in newer homes. They will also work on bathroom GFI outlets. You can find them at: http://www.reducemyenergy.com/draftproducts.htm

Here is a link that might be useful: Electric Outlet Sealers/Gaskets in Bulk - Decora - Leviton - Decorator

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the best price i found was here... www.changeforgreen.com

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