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steph2000February 16, 2013

We are inching along over here. I'm getting my first taste of dealing with KD's as I try to explore and (hopefully) actually price frameless cabinet options available locally while my partner is working on moving the electrical box so the wall can come down. He needs to finalize the location of the new box, so I need to finalize the bump out decision.

In summary, the front part of the kitchen shares the interior wall with the W/D unit. Right now, the W/D protrudes out into the hallway to the bathroom. As we get older, this becomes increasingly claustrophic. There is no other place for the W/D to go and we already are dealing with smaller scale units, though it seems we might be able to find slightly less deep units that would buy us 3-7 inches.

The other thing to note is that the other side of this "hall" is currently out 7" more into the living room area than the kitchen wall will be when we take it down. I hope that makes sense. Basically, once we tear out this wall, the kitchen wall will be recessed an additional 7" into the hall than the other side if we don't do a bump out.

Please note that the renderings are not perfect and that hallway is NOT framed. It just is a floor to ceiling opening with no moulding.

Ignore the materials and color schemes. I'm just playing around in these, with the limited options available in the Lowe's virtual planner.

Basically, there are 3 options:

1 - No bump out, leaving the kitchen wall straight and dealing with a very tight situation for the W/D and path to the bath.

If we went this route, we could put a large counter-to-ceiling cabinet where the bumpout would go (on the peninsula) and I would likely put my microwave on the bottom instead of doing one in a lower cabinet.

(Ignore the beam, this is an old rendering and we were able to put the beam in the attic)

2 - Extend the wall on the kitchen side 7" out so it is aligned with the wall on the other side of the hall. This would create a small bump out that doesn't totally fix the W/D issue but does get it behind the door jam of the bathroom door (and would get us into the cubby potentially if we go with smaller units down the road). This would be a really narrow bump out, but long - something like 7" by 36".

Here's a pic to illustrate that option.

3 - Bump it out the full 14" we need to get the current W/D into the cubby. This would create a fairly significant "chimney" effect and would not align with the other side of the hall.

What would you do? Anything we aren't thinking about here?

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I'd do the project where you have the chimney effect and the better setup for W/D.

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Can you put the W/D in the garage? That is a common set-up where I live. I would LOVE to have a laundry area indoors, but having it in the garage is not so bad.

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I would do the full 14" bump out. It looks fine. In fact I would put a nice peice of art or collectables on the wall. Clearly you are not happy with the W/D sticking out or you would not be considering all these options. Go for function. If you are like us, laundry is a daily chore, make it as pleasant as possible for yourself.

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Thanks for the replies.

It's not an option to put the W/D in the garage, which is not attached. I live in Alaska and I count 8 months of winter up here, though some say I am a pessimist.

I'm surprised to hear people so far encourage the deeper bump out. I keep trying to imagine those walls to the hallway not lining up with each other. Isn't that going to look odd (though admittedly less odd than having the kitchen in the hall area)?

I don't mind the bump out in terms of it offering a little cooking nook, though it is a bit tight. I do wish, though, that there was a way to put the microwave on the peninsula.

I'm really struggling with this decision to a surprising degree, though practically speaking it likely does not make sense to not at least do a small bump out and get the W/D out of the traffic way. Small spaces are so challenging to make work!

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I like the full 14" bumpout too. I think it adds interest and better definition to the spaces on each side, and it looks as if you still have plenty of good work space around your stove.

And as Lannegreene suggests, it'd be a really nice place to display art.

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And with that bump out, on the side by the stove you could do a shallow recessed shelf area for oils and spices that would be really handy and interesting.

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I would go with the 14" bumpout as well. I don't think that anyone else coming in to the home would think twice about it. It's just a feature of the kitchen and tends to give the space more definition.

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Too bad they don't have microwaves with a right hinging door, and then maybe you could do the 14" bump out and recess the microwave in to it somehow. But since they don't, I have to say I think the 7" bumpout looks the nicest, but I think I would go for the 14" and the better access in the hallway to the bathroom.

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I'd go for the optimal functionality of the 14" bump out and figure out a way to balance it out on the other side of the opening. Perhaps a shallow built-in bookcase that matches the bump out? Maybe just a short wall parallel to the window wall that comes out as far as far as the bump out? I would definitely use this as an opportunity to fix the bad w/d situation.

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Thanks for continuing to weigh in on this with me. This remodel seems like a perpetual matter of robbing Peter to pay Paul - but I think that's just a reality of small spaces.

Microwaves are the curse of the kitchen. I use mine daily (more like nightly) for heat packs, which is why having it on the peninsula was so appealing. That and my partner doesn't like the Sharp drawers, which are expensive. He worries about cleanability and likes the idea of buying cheap, easily replaceable microwaves.

I agree that it seems silly not to use this remodel as a chance to fix the tight W/D situation. It will help to push it back even 7", but I hear what people are saying about the full 14". If we go that route, we probably won't be modifying the other hallway corner to align, though I like the idea of a narrow bookshelfs. The problem is, the hall closet is on that wall, along with the entry to the house. So, there's not a lot to do with that wall.

It's a really good point if they don't make microwaves that open to the right. Is that true? The microwave has been the curse of this kitchen from day one! lol

Nice idea, though, to put some shelves up - either in the cooking nook or on the peninsula side.

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I have an immoveable chimney at the entrance to my kitchen that makes the wall one one side of the doorway uneven with the other side. It looks fine, and now that the contractors are reframing the entry, they're building me a shallow recessed cabinet in the chimney wall. For your kitchen, I'm firmly in the 14" bump out crowd. It adds function, and I think it adds architectural interest as well

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I'm with the 14" bump out crowd too. It doesn't bother me in the slightest and if it adds functionality on the other side of the wall where your W/D goes, I would definitely do it!

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Thanks so much, justmakeit and firsthouse, for chiming in with unambivalent endorsement of the 14" bumpout. You've effectively swayed me back into that camp from the 7" compromise I was leaning towards.

Now I just have to figure out what the heck to do with the darn microwave. I think the only option there is going to end up being an expensive sharp drawer in a precious drawer cabinet. Argh.

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Are you washer and dryer side by side? Is the washer a front loader or top loader? If the washer is a front loader, perhaps you could recess a microwave into the wall above the washer and dryer and have cabinets above it. It would give you a blank wall above the washer and dryer in the laundry room, but it would give you a bit more storage in the kitchen.

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I had the same thought as WindCityLindy. Also, we just left a shelf open and used a cheap microwave we've had for a couple decades. I couldn't stand the thought of an expensive built-in. The deep drawer under it is very useful!

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The W/D is currently a combined unit with a top loading washer. We are looking to replace with stackable front loaders at some point. The cubby is narrow and tall, in the hall off the bathroom.

I did ask my partner if there would be any spare space in the wall behind the W/D, given there is venting back there. Alas, he said no.

Bottom line, though, is if it is true that there is no such thing as microwaves that open from the left (which I haven't researched but someone here asserted and I believe it might well be true), having the microwave there just doesn't make much sense any more. That would really be difficult for me to use from the kitchen. And if it did open from the left, I couldn't easily pop out from the bedroom and pop my heat packs back in per my fantasies. What I REALLY need is 2 more feet in every direction and a microwave that opens up from the bottom. lol

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Thanks, mpagmom. Imagine that, we were posting at the same time. Brings me back to the days we were twins! ;)

I think we will probably end up doing what you did. Go with a cheap microwave in a lower for now and reserve the option of a microwave drawer down the road. I assume your cabinet would convert to that if you ever wanted it, given you went custom? Is it 30"? I'm not sure how this works with noncustom cabinets, but I guess I will find out...

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It's 24" wide. The MW shelf and drawer are each about 15" high.

Whirlpool makes a cute mini microwave that you can tuck in a corner. It would be big enough for me.

Here is a link that might be useful: Whirlpool 0.5 cu ft microwave

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