How to extend/lengthen the Ikea Rationell drawer depth?

huangoFebruary 5, 2013

(I posted on Ikeafans. Hoping someone here could also help).

Anyway to extend or lengthen the depth of a Rationell drawer?

Opposite of the thread below (shortening the drawer), I need just about 1-2 inches longer.
I'm trying to squeeze 2 Rationell trash containers under my sink cab. My sink cab is pulled out 4 inches from the wall, so I have plenty of space.

Of course I'll have to insert a separate longer plywood piece for the horizontal piece (like this thread)

In my 36" sink cab, I'm trying to put both containers on the left side w / a pull-out drawer.

Appreciate your help finding the thread (I did search), or thinking outside of the box.
Thank you very much,

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