Crisp twice baked crackers with nuts and fruit

GWloloOctober 9, 2013

You know those thin super crisp crackers with fruits, seeds and nuts that are great with soft cheese. We buy these often as my family loves it as a snack. I would love to attempt a home made version. Has anyone attempted this? What kind of pan should this be baked in?

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If you Google "Rainforest Crisps" you'll find recipes. I keep meaning to try them. I haven't had the bought ones yet either, but they sound good.

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Cloudy, I am addicted to the fig and olive rainforest crisps, they are so good.

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Mitch, I have never seen any of them for sale, just read about them. The fig and olive sound really good. And the ones with rosemary.

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Has anyone tried recreating it? I like both the rosemary ones and fig and olive

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Lesley Stowe is the creator of raincoast, not rainforest, crisps. Copycat recipes and fan comments are all over the web.

I bought a used copy of the "the lesley stowe fine foods cookbook" and I couldn't find any iteration of what would be that crisp. And here's a quote from the book, p.62, in the notes re multi grain oat cracker,
"Sorry, these are not Raincoast Crisps. Believe me, you're better off letting us make them-they're way too much work!"

So, understandably to some, she is protecting her recipe. But lots of copycats exist.

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Last weekend I made some based on the recipe at the link below.
I made the raisin, pecan, rosemary ones but since I'm not a big raisin fan I subbed chopped dried apricots. I also made a sundried tomato, basil, roasted garlic version I thought might be an interesting combo. Both were wonderful! I served goat cheese with the first and fresh mozzarella with the tomato version.

I have never had Rainforest Crisps so I have nothing to compare to but we liked them enough that another batch has been requested for the weekend.

Here is a link that might be useful: Double Baked Crisps

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So I buckled down and made these yesterday and they are really really good!

Made them with hazelnuts, cranberries, rosemary, sesame, flax and a handful of chia. Baked and cooled overnight and ready to slice and put back in the oven.

One recipe makes two half sheet worth of crackers!

Out of oven and cooling on the rack. Crisp and crunchy and really yummy! Plan to serve with a couple of soft cheeses and fig orange preserves I made earlier in summer. This recipe is a keeper!

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Oh, GWlolo, those look delicious!


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That looks good! I want the scrappy ones immediately, lol. (the not so pretty edges)
Similar to biscotti i used to make but i think this incarnation may be better. I prefer the savory ingredients over the mildly sweet.
This is on my holiday list for sure.
Thinking back, i've always taken my dad's zucchini bread, my choc banana bread, any heavier holiday fruit and nut breads and sliced thin, toasted in the oven to almost a crispy crouton, and liked it better than a dense bread texture...
Thanks for sharing your success! And the process pics. Inspiring.
Looking forward to a cooking/baking day when i have a day off work...

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My husband and daughter loved these as did couple of friends who dropped by yesterday. I served it with an aged goat cheese with a smear of fig/ orange preserves,as well as Burrata and a relish made with sriracha and persimmons.

Moosemac --> Thanks again for sharing your recipe. Next batch will include some of the other combinations like dried apricots and walnuts etc.

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Nice crackers.

I am also impressed by your bread knife, back splash and the counter.


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darch --> If you didn't know, I came to cooking forum via the Kitchen forum. We just finished remodeling a 1948 adobe house in the SF bay area. With a lot of guidance from the folks in the kitchens forum, we ended up with soapstone counters and a vintage inspired tile backsplash. The breadknife is the offset breadknife from f.dick. Cheap enough and really really good. I use it for everything --> from crusty bread to cake :)

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those look so good-- nice job.


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Uh yea! That is absolute perfect on the cooling racks. Nicely done.

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beachlily z9a

I had a similar cracker recently when we were down in Naples, FL. The restaurant served it on the side of my salad. I'd never seen anything like it but it was really good.

I'm thinking this would be a really good use for leftover fruit cake after Christmas.

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I tried making a version of these last night -- first batch in the oven now. Just wanted to say that I now know baking soda causes sunflower seeds to turn green. LOL!

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They look very good. They really do like Leslie Stowe's Raincoast Crisps.
My favourite are the fig and olive. Followed by Salty Date and Almond.


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Ann_t, I'd never heard of these crisps before and that combination sounds really interesting, but odd. I see from your link that they use kalamata olives. Bet I'd love them too!

I really like my test batch and want to experiment with different ingredient combinations. Would love suggestions of more savory things that have worked well for others!

This post was edited by party_music50 on Sun, Oct 27, 13 at 11:41

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Party_music, yes, she uses Kalamata olives. If you click on the link above, and hold your cursor over the Fig and Olive a box will open to show you the ingredients.

Also from The Village Grocer:..... "Fig & Olive: These combine the salty taste of Kalamata olives with the sweet flavour of succulent Adriatic figs. Try these crisps on their own or enhanced with soft cheeses such as chèvre, brie or triple crème."

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Thanks, ann_t! I went back and found it and edited my post above right around the same time you were responding. :p

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