Do you love/hate your hood/hood liner? Why?

stacylhFebruary 18, 2013

Trying to decide on the ventilation for the 36" gas rangetop we will have in new kitchen. I'm planning on having the cabinetmaker do the hood and leaning toward the Vent-a-hood insert system.

I've read mixed reviews on it but the appliance salesman assures me they are quiet and perform well.

But, I have to decide on the color (black, white, stainless) with our slightly off white cabinets. Stainless is $250 more but probably worth it.

Do you like or hate your system and why?

Do any of you have a make-up system also installed?


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We have an imperial 36 inch stainless liner. Hate it! It is so loud, and the knobs to turn the lights on fall off after a few months. The tiny screws that hold the knobs in place aren't adequate...I actually superglued one on because I was tired of it dropping from the sky while I was cooking.

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I have written about my Tradewind liner many times on here . It is wonderful. We have used it hard for 7 years. It is quiet and efficient and easy to clean . We have a 1400 cfm/54" wide system with the roof mounted blower.

Sjerin has the unit also, after reading my reviews. and told me on another thread the other day how great it is.

Our GC built the custom surround for the liner. He installed all duct work and the roof blower. It is wonderfully quiet and I only use it on low or med most of the time. We stir fry and deep fry a lot so I have tested it to the max for years. I remove the baffles weekly and clean them. They are always a mess :) A great sign. After all these years I have never cleaned one spot of grease off of my open shelves adjacent to the cooking area or off of the wood surround. No need all goes on the baffles.

I hope that you can find what will serve you well. Oh and no I do not have nor did I need make up air. We have 11 and 12 ft ceilings in an 1890 home so there is plenty of air. I have no problem with my gas fire places while using the blower. Here are 2 pics and if you click on it there are many more in the albums. c

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I have a Kobe hood. Love it. Quiet, easy to clean. I don't know if they make inserts, but I would think so.

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