start the newyear out right

ronbreDecember 26, 2009

first get your calendars..i already have 3 plus a most important calendar is my huge tear off a month, tight corners, desk calendar..all things that have to be done on another month of the year are tucked neatly under the pages, like Rons July VA appt tucked into it notes to do this or that on their months.

have an appt calendar hanging in kitchen for Ron to write his gotta write down things..birthdays are written on calendars, etc...have a tear off daily calendar i can jot down things on by my puter too.

OK next..if you have a spare check register (if you still use checks like i do, or debit card)..get it out and start a new one on 01-01...file the old one in your tax file.

speaking of is the time to pull out all your receipt files..for utilities and banking save only the Dec receipt and shred all the others..figure out what you need to save for taxes..bundle them in envelopes and put them away in a box for 2009 taxes with all your necessary info from last year..remember things like medical costs and medical mileage.

now get fresh files around for 2010

if you write a budget, get it ready before 2010 so you have it on hand

if you keep a diary, have your fresh one ready to go.

if you are on a weight loss program, weigh and measure yourself this week and record it at the beginning of your diary so you have a record and start fresh..don't worry about resolutions, they are just broken promises..just try to do better..period.

when you take down your holiday stuff..have donation bags to put in things you don't think you want to use next year (esp those hot lights, buy some LED's at after Christmas sales)..outdated styles that are no longer you, etc. Also pop any of the gifts into the bag that you really don't want to keep, i don't care who got them for you..the cologne or lotion that isn't your favorite scent, the christmas sweater (who will know you won't be wearing it again anyway)..any christmas dishes that you just don't need taking up storage space in your house..etc.

if is tis something you'll only use on the holidays do you really want it taking up room in your house?

while you are at it any clothes you really won't ever wear again can go in there and any appliances you really didn't need this year that you thought maybe you might..give them away too.

restock your christmas bags and wrapping at the after holiday sale..wait to do the tape at the back to school sale..(put a post it note on the calendar for August to remember that one)..

remember start this year off ahead of the game..don't wait until March..then you'll just have a mess..

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Great tips! Thanks for sharing.

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Another suggestion: Write in your calender all the birthdays & anniversaries you will want to remember with a card or gift.

Add other recurring events, such as the church/PTA/whatever meeting that always falls on the second Tuesday or third Wednesday of each month. Then you won't schedule something else by mistake.

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I have Gmail and I use the accompanying Google calender. LOVE it! You can do recurring or one time events, enable sharing (my partner and I share our calenders) and print it out if you need to.

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One thing I always write on my new year calendar, flip to December 2010 and write down where you stored all your Christmas decorations. And write down what supplies you'll need next Christmas , like "Have lots of paper, need bows and scotch tape"

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I got a free Hallmark pocket calendar at my local card store. Today I'll write in birthdays,anniversaries, other special dates. Great tips,Ron. And I'm not even waiting to January 1!

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Melissa Houser

trilobite, I was going to say the Google calendar is fantastic as well! I use mine for everything and I have several calendars in one place.

I have one for housekeeping (keep track of what needs to be done each month, like turn the mattress, which area of the house to concentrate on cleaning).

One for Gardening where I list what plants I need to plant and when. This is really nice here in Florida where we plant on an opposite schedule from most of the country.

I have a separate birthday/anniversary calendar that I check each month on the first so I don't forget to send a card or gift.

I also have a separate calendar for my business. This one sends me reminders to my email/cell phone each day with my schedule for the day.

Using my iphone, I can add appointments to the calendar while I'm on the road and it will appear on my calendar at home. No paper book to keep track of and I can be assured that I havent' forgotten to add something to my calendar. If I receive an appointment in email, I can add it to my google calendar with one click, which is really convenient.

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I'm glad your brought this up ronbre. I used to be so good about getting calendars to keep things straight when our children were at home. I feel as though it's time to start another calendar. I bought a small one for my purse, but I forgot all about google calendar! Duh! I'm always into saving paper. Thanks trilobrite!

I may be too late on this, but don't buy Christmas wrap. Not only will you have one less thing to store, if you use inside out brown paper grocery bags either plain or rubber stamped you'll be on your way to a greener Christmas next year.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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