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wantoretire_didDecember 26, 2005

Check out the link in the Garden Junk post titled "Dumpster?"

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Wow, the Garden Junk forum is interesting! The Dumpster story is good - I wonder what happened that he finally decided to get off the dime and take care of business. The family will be shocked at getting so much square footage available for use again.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Dumpster

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During our remodel we have had 3-4 dumpsters for the construction's been SOOOO cool to be able to throw out stuff that was big ( local trash people are content wackos)... I think a dumpster is a swell gift!


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Summer memories - of a 40 yard dumpster and a visit by my son - and we filled that baby!!!!!!!! Amazing thing - a dumpster!


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Now, there's a man who loves his wife. Good thing it's her, because I would have divorced him ages ago. Except I would have liked to have had that bowling ball for my garden.

The HOA we moved from would rent dumpsters every May. I think they would go through 8 or 9 of them in three days. I always thought it was a good idea.

When we had our dumpter here for the remodel I was talking to a neighbor about renting a small one in the spring and seeing if other neighbors wanted to split the cost. Its $225 and they dump it four times. Trouble is, now I really don't have anything that I can't find a different outlet for. You just have to love freecycle.


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We're lucky enough to have curbside pick up for everything. "Good" stuff we put out early and let the people who drive around in trucks pick up what they want. The negative side to this is we have a friend who drives around the night before trash day and keeps bringing us stuff he thinks we would LOVE to salvage. LOL I still haven't found a polite way to say NO.

Maybe for my birthday I could ask my husband (again) to get rid of the 2 desks in the garage that he's "saving" for no reason?

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Julie, just tell the guy you appreciate his efforts, but at this time in your life you just aren't going to be able to do anything with the stuff. Ask him not to bring it.

A friend should be able to understand.


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Gloria, I'm sure I could do that over the phone... but it's much harder when he shows up in person (with no warning) and my husband is busy unloading the truck saying how WONDERFUL something is... and we end up in an argument in the driveway over unloading something we absolutely don't need and DH will never use in spite of what he says...

Oh... it didn't go welll... LOL

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Many years ago, in our first little starter home, we rented a dumpster for two weeks while we gutted and re-did our bathroom. While most of it was filled with old lathe and plaster and fixtures, etc. we did decide to do some sorting while it was there. I could see that having access to one every now and then would be useful!


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