Jewelry Boxes

Julie_MI_Z5December 28, 2005

Does anyone have a jewelry box that actually works for them? I'm trying to decide how to re-do my (not very big) collection in a manner that would make it user friendly... and where it would be convenient to change jewerly every now and then.

I've thought about those storage boxes with little drawers (like men use for nuts & bolts), but I really want to SEE everything at one time so I can decide which to wear.

My dream would be to have a stand alone jewelry box, like a piece of furniture, but they're costly, cheaply made, and I don't have that much jewelry, LOL.

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I received a stand alone jewelry box for Christmas one year, and it works well for the use you are asking about. However, the organizer in me keeps looking at it and thinking, "that space could be so much better utilized rather than holding my jewelry".

Have you considered the "drawer-type" seperators? Yes, you may have to stack them, but at least all your rings could be in one, all your bracelets in one, etc.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jewelry Organizer

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I like the compartments, but I really want something to keep all the separators in, other than just a dresser drawer. I can see me pulling out socks and not realizing until mid-day I've got a bracelet stuck to the sock and hanging down my leg, LOL.

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I don't want a bulletin board thing, because I don't want to SEE it hanging around. I'm really going for a sparse look (which would make you laugh hysterically if you could see how far I have to go).

And we don't have enough closet space for the hanging thing, though I love the idea of the see-thru pockets.

The acryllic box is nice... but way too small.. and there isn't any felt to cushion the jewelry from scratches or whatever.

Have you figured out yet that I'm just too fussy to find anything that will work for me? LOL

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The thing about a jewelry amoire (which I am currently saving up for) is that the lower drawers can be used for things like underwear, socks/hoisery, watches, etc. So you don't just have to use it for jewlery - it becomes an auxilary dresser. I can't wait to get one, because I do have a *lot* of jewelry, and it would solve my problem nicely. Just as soon as I save up the $$...

Currently I have those stackable jewelry trays sitting out on my dresser - they have clear tops, which keep the dust out, but I can still see what's in each compartment (and having them on the dresser keeps me from cluttering it up with other things). That works, except I need more, and my dresser just isn't that big! ;-)

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Sounds WONDERFUL! Do you have a picture of what you want? I would love to see it.

Wonder what I could remove from the house to make space for one? LOL

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Julie - I have a clear hanging thing specifically for jewelry, sort of like a shoe bag. It has clear, different sized pockets on both sides. It hangs in my closet; rolls up for travel. They are in the stores, probably around the jewelry section.

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The hanging bags are nice, we just don't have the closet space for it.

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Burglars love jewelry boxes. All the good stuff, sitting in one tidy case, right on the bureau. Might as well load it into their car for them.

There are many beautiful jewelry rolls, in silk, velvet etc. If you don't have a lot of jewelry, and it isn't elaborate or fragile, one or more of these may do. And you can tuck them away wherever you like.

They might still steal it, but at least they'll have to work for it, and maybe not get all of it in one go.

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Something like the one pictured in the link below - although the one I had picked out had kind of a funky edge and brass detailing on it...I couldn't find it, so maybe they aren't selliing it online anymore. :-(

My husband has woodworking plans to make one, but I'm not sure I can wait *that* long. ;-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Jewelry Amoire

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Jamie, I love the armoire! Even better, I think the jewelry cases to the right of the picture might be what I need. I like the fact that the case looks to have a latch mechanism so jewelry isn't accidentally dumped when the case is moved (don't ask how I know THAT happens!). I'm not sure where earrings are supposed to go??

Growlery, never fear... the good jewelry is all in the safe deposit box and never comes out (which makes me wonder why I have it? LOL).

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I was wondering if those jewelry cases wouldn't help you out...that's the first time I've seen them there! :-)

My only "good" jewelry (ie, worth something) is the engagement ring that never leaves my hand (not worth all that much, monetarily speaking), and two silver pieces from Tiffany's. Unfortunately, I put the Tiffany pieces in a "book safe" (you know, looks like a thick book to store on the bookshelf?), and now I have no idea where that thing (or the jewelry) is. Probably packed away in a box somewhere after our move (some of my books are still boxed up).

Thieves are welcome to take the other stuff if they want...I love most of it, but it can always be replaced. :-)

Of course they'd have to get past my Dobermans first...

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Julie - It takes up the space of a hanging t-shirt. That's why I like it. We are way short on closet space, see Small Houses thread ;-( It can also be hung on a door.

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Where is the Small Houses thread?

I don't actually have a closet, just a hanging rack in the basement. The hanging jewelry things aren't pretty, and then I'd have to look at it all the time on the door. I think that's why I liked the boxes next to the armoire Jamie wants; they're pretty! LOL

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Post Your Small House! is in the Decorating forum from November 05. In Suggestions and Comments, several have requested a separate forum.

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It really depends on what you're trying to store. A dear friend once made me a jewelry box I desperately needed to store necklaces and beads(antiques from Mom and MIL) without having them get knotted. It is 24"long 14"wide and 4"deep, with a recessed door. (Picture a beautifully finished wooden silver chest turned lengthwise.) There are gold cuphooks inside of both the box and door for necklaces and a small tray in the bottom for a few other things. It hangs on the bedroom wall, taking up no storage space at all, with no visual clutter when closed.

For smaller items, it would probably have been just as easy to intall more hooks for rings, bracelets, etc. but this was just what I needed. Just posting this as an idea. Sandy

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A 4" deep jewelry box hung on a wall! Interesting idea... I've never heard that before!


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Julie, it was custom made, but the idea should be easily adaptable. Just "think outside the box." Sorry, I couldn't resist. I've seen lots of decorative (hand painted, nice wood, etc.) boxes that could work and look pretty. If you try it, just be sure the hinges are strong enough to support the door when open,(this has a full gold colored hinge top to bottom) and the wall mounting is secure. Sandy

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I have the hanging bag like Wanttoretire does. It hangs in my closet among my clothes--it doesn't take up any more room than a suit jacket. When I want something, I do have to move the other clothes out of the way, but I find that I'm perfectly willing to do that.

The see-though pockets make it easy to grab stuff (and to declutter now an dthen). It actually works for me (when I bother w/ jewelry at all). I know I wouldn't do any better w/ any other solution. My problem w/ jewelry is not the seeing of it, it's the THINKING of it--and I would ignore the issue no matter WHAT it was stored in.

I keep most of my sterling silver necklaces in a small drawer on my antique dresser; I want to store them air-tight so they don't tarnish, and I don't trust the pocket thingie to do that. I s'pose I could put them in zip-lock bags and THEN put them in a pocket....

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