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sail_awayFebruary 20, 2013

Our long awaited refresh of our kitchen is finally getting close. We've been saving for this for a long time and need to watch our budget carefully.

Therefore, I considered accepting the free SS sink (ESI) offered by our granite fabricator and even posted here asking if anyone knew about ESI sinks. No one did.

Considering how much I use a sink, I've decided it's important that I consider this decision carefully. So I am now thinking about getting the Ruvati RVH7300---it's a tight radius (but not zero-radius), 16-gauge, 30x18-inch SS sink. I've read a few positive comments here, but not much. I also found a couple positive reviews on and one on Amazon (for the 32" sink).

I had originally planned to buy a Ticor from Galaxy, but that's no longer an option. I was considering the Kraus sink, but it is $370, versus $302 for the Ruvati. Both are made in China.

I've read a few comments about the Ruvati, but would be interested if anyone else has an opinion. I'd love to hear from those who have had a Ruvati sink installed (maybe even photos). If possible, I'd like to see a photo of the sink showing the logo on the inside back of the sink. Sometimes, if the logo is too obvious it bothers me. Of course, given the tight budget, as long as it's a decent quality, I can put up with a logo, as long as it isn't over-the-top.

Here are a couple links---the first to Ruvati's website and description of the sink and the second a short video showing the sink I'm interested in.

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I actually just received a Ruvati RVM4600 34" double bowl sink from It's still in the box as it won't be installed for a couple of months. It looks really nice, heavy duty, seems like it will do the job. The stainless is a nice brushed look....not shiny. If you want, I can take a picture of the logo tonight and post it for you. I don't remember it being very prominent.

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Ooh--I'm so excited to hear that. If it's not too much trouble, I would love to see a photo of the logo. Since it sounds like it's a solid sink choice, the logo would have to be really grotesque, though, to dissuade me, and I'm pretty confident that won't be the case.

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Sorry for the delay in getting these pics posted...hope this helps!

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here's a second closer up pic

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@swhtech. Thanks for the close-up images of your sink. I have the RVH7300. Bought it a few months ago and I love it. The logo on my RVH7300 is a little different from your one. I had contacted Ruvati before buying my sink and they told me the RVMs have a black stamp logo while the RVH sinks have an etched logo where the logo is cut into the stainless steel. The logo is not very obvious when you are looking at the sink from a distance. Its visible when you look closely. I will try to take a close-up shot of my sink. In the meantime I was able to find this one from the Ruvati website. Its of a different model sink, but the logo on my RVH7300 is just like this one. Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: RVH7300

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Thanks to both of you for the photos. I went ahead and ordered the RVH7300 and it's been shipped. I am so grateful to have a recommendation to point me in the right direction for my kitchen sink. We'll see if the logo in my sink is stamped or etched---if the information Dennis was given is correct, it will be the etched.

Dennis, Do you find the corners of the RVH7300 not too hard to clean? I really like the looks of the tight radius sink, but I hope it won't be a hassle to keep clean.

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The tight radius (where the corners are rounded) is actually easier to keep clean. That's why I went with the RVH7300. But the Ruvati is not as rounded as the Kraus models, so I think it looks better. Kraus has a 0.75" inside radius, whereas the Ruvati corners are 0.6" radius.

Zero radius, where the corners are at sharp angles may be a little harder to keep clean, but they look more modern.

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Hi. Not sure if anyone is still subscribed to this thread, but I was wondering if any of you had any issues with the Ruvati sinks. The price is just incredible...wondering if there's a catch :)

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The catch? Chinese made of course.

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I can't give my opinion yet, as the sink is now with the fabricators, due to be installed with the countertops in a little over a week. I can say that, out of the box, it is beautiful. The fabricator did comment on the weight being more than usual, which I would think would be good (said he'd do extra reinforcing). I am so looking forward to an undermount instead of overmount sink, SS instead of cast iron, and a single sink instead of double sink that this sink will have to be poor, indeed, for me not to be happy with it. It appears to be good quality to me, but the true test will be after I've been using it for a while.

Yes, it is made in China, as are Ticor sinks and Kraus sinks, I believe. My budget dictated something in that price range, so made in China it is for me.

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Live_wire_oak: thanks! So, what's your favorite SS 16 gauge double bowl sink manufacturer? Appreciate any help :)

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Sail-away: I think we cross posted. I look forward to hearing about your experience with the sink. I was looking at kraus as well. Best of luck on the install!!!

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I bought the RVH 8300 with grid, strainer, colander, and cutting board. It is a beautiful sink. The soundproofing is great too. It is very heavy. It even came in a fabric bag and was well packed. I do not remember if mine had Ruvati on it or not. We packed it back up. Great price when I ordered it.

Picture is upside down. Drain is in the back so front of the sink is the back of the picture.


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Can anyone tell me how you like your new Ruvati sinks? Thanks.

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I should have asked how the water is draining and how the finish is holding up.

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I'm happy with mine. I will say that, after many years without a SS sink, I was a bit dismayed by the water spotting--I guess I forgot about that. However, a quick scrubbing and drying afterward makes it look all shiny and pretty again -- until someone splashes water once more, LOL. Even so, I told DH the sink is one of my favorite things about our kitchen redo. The main reason is probably that I love having a big single sink, rather than the divided sink I had before. (But that is the subject of another post and a preference that at least half of the people here would totally disagree with.)

I will add that I have become a convert to the grid on the bottom of the sink. Even though my sink came with one, I told DH I wouldn't be using it. However, I then decided to just try it out and discovered I love it.

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Thanks for your response. Very helpful. I have to order my sink this week and have been comparing the new Blanco Quatrus with the Ruvati. I only saw one review so far for the Quatrus online. That could be good or bad I suppose. I bake a lot and have a lot of cookie sheets, so the big sink would work better for me. I had never heard of Ruvati until yesterday and now it is a big contender for me. It looks really nice. I just read a review, although very posistive, for the Ruvati, but the person said it can scratch easily, so not to use abrasive sponges. Do you find that to be the case? Also, do you find that it drains well or does water pool a bit? That seems to be an issue that I have read about with some of the larger SS sinks.

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It has been a little time since the last posts and wondered if people are happy with the Ruvati sinks they installed? I am looking at the RVH8300.

Does anyone know if it will work with a garbage disposal?

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I'll try to answer the questions, based on my experience. First, I should say that we were on a very tight budget and I almost accepted the free sink with the granite, but thankfully thought better of it and ordered the Ruvati, which is MUCH better. However, I did not shop around and look at more expensive options, because of our budget. So I cannot comment on how Ruvati would compare with those.

Yes, I do think the sink scratches easily. But I guess I thought that was a feature of most SS sinks. In fact, I put a couple small scratches in the bottom of my sink from the hard plastic feet of my electric skillet, when I was scrubbing out the skillet quite vigorously. It didn't occur to me that the feet might scratch the sink. That is what led me to put in the grid to see how I liked it, and I LOVE having the grid in the bottom of the sink. i think it looks good, too. [Edited to add: I haven't had any scratches on the side of the sink, but I wouldn't expect to, either.]

I have not noticed any probelms with drainage. I have the sink with the drain in the center back of the sink, and it seems to drain normally.

We installed a garbage disposer in our drain and have had no problems.

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I bought the Ruvati today. Looking forward to geting it. From what I can tell, it is the same as the Kraus, but with a satin finish.

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All stainless steel sinks scratch. You could spend $100 or $1000, and it will scratch. So if scratches are making you hesitate, then don't buy a stainless steel sink at all. The way stainless sinks are differentiated from brand to brand are the gauge (the lower the number, the thicker the gauge), and the configuration/shapes/sizes each brand offers.

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Doba, I hope you are as happy with your Ruvati sink as I am with mine. Let us know what you think of it after you get it and/or it's installed. Which model did you buy?

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We ordered a Ruvati sink after we saw how much the local suppliers were charging for 18 gauge SS sinks. The 16 gauge Ruvati came in at way less and coupled with the good reviews I've read, we decided to take a chance.
Well, the sink arrived in an excellently package box, inside a nice fabric bag with a pull string, as if maybe you'd want to take it out with you somewhere..
All the parts are very high quality, including the sound deadening material on the sides of the sink. Ours has the logo engraved or stamped into it, not inked on. The overall quality of this sink makes it a no-brainer, unless you just have to have a certain brand to impress snooty sink afficionados, but really, who knows people like that and if so, who cares?
As for scratching, they say it has some coating to reduce scratches, but it's a stainless steel sink and yes, they all can be scratched. This is why they include the bottom insert, so you don't scratch the sink by putting things in it. The insert also prevents large pots from covering the drain hole.
For anyone who thinks it's bad because it's made in China, let me tell you that in the industry I work in, I can attest to the very high level of quality of countless items being made in China - this sink is just another one of them. While I understand that we all want to buy locally and support our own economy, most giant corporations don't do that and prefer to take advantage of a global economy. So do I, as this is how the world is.
Anyway, the final word for me on our Ruvati RVH7300 sink is that it was the best choice we could have made and is every bit as good as the $1000+ alternatives we looked at and in fact is as high quality and heavier gauge than almost all of them.

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I just ordered my Ruvati RVH8300 today. We have a Hansgrohe, Allegro E, Kitchen Faucet from CostCo with steel optic finish.
Will it match the sink? Could you tell me which faucet do you have? Do you also have a matching soap dispenser?
Thanks for the great posts. They helped me choose this sink.

Here is a link that might be useful: faucet at CostCo

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In photos of the Ruvati, it appears the cutting board is not very thick and thus not flush with the counter tops. It looks like it would be a bit awkward to chop with the overhang of the sink. It looks beautiful, though, and the price is great! Maybe I could have a thicker cutting board made for it? Do you think the ledges would still hold it up? Thanks in advance!

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I have used my Ruvati RVH8300 for a couple of months now. Yes, it scratches, but all SS products do. I use the grid, but the silverware can fall through the grid and scratch the sink. I haven't used the colander yet because I keep forgetting I have it. I forgot to clean the grid once and it looked rather slimy when I did remember to clean it. So not only do you have to clean the sink, now you have a grid to clean. Still, I would not trade it. Peke

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I just received my ruvati ss sink and I am disappointed with the soundproofing. There isn't padding on the sides, just on the bottom. I exchanged it for a Kraus sink because of the size but the Kraus had pads on all side plus the bottom. There is a tin sound in the Ruvati. I'm worried it may be too noisy once installed. Can anyone give me some advice before it's installed. We need to have the granite cut soon.

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It seems to me that adding some soundproofing to a sink wouldn't be hard. Anything that you could attach to deaden vibration should do it. It should be something moisture resistant, though, so don't use cardboard. Pieces of rubber or cheap silicon mat, for example. Or maybe even some of the low expansion spray-into-cracks insulation (used very conservatively, it can really get away from you). Do you have a hot glue gun?

You could actually email Ruvati and tell them that you are particular about noise, and ask what would they suggest for additional sound deadening.

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