shellac on bathroom floor

nan-nanNovember 7, 2012

The bathroom floor of our 1920's home has a shellac finish. I cleaned it with methyl hydrate and put some new coats of Zinsser amber shellac over top. It looks beautiful now but I know that Shellac does not like water.

If I wax it well, will it hold up?

Or should I top coat with something else?

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On a "This old house" episode (back when they cared), they did a floor with shellac and then top coated it with urethane. It had the look of a shellac floor with a more resilient finish. I think that your spot on with the concerns with shellac in a wet area. If it were me, I'd be looking at a more water resistant finish. I have shellac floors in some of the rooms in my house so I am not shellac adverse


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Shellac has zero water resistance.

It blushes white, gets soft, and is easily damaged when soft.

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Wax will waterspot too.

Remove the shellac and use Waterlox - several coats of it.

It has the amber color and the soft sheen of shellac, but it soaks into the wood and repels water.

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With preparation, Waterlox can go over shellac.

Here is a link that might be useful: Waterlox FAQs

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I am in Canada and don't have easy access to Waterlox. What about Watco laquer or Varathane laquer?

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