can i vent a microwave range hood into a chimney

pg13February 23, 2013

just wondering because the design calls for the oven/microwave to be placed in front of a chimney which is no longer used for anything. or do i have to cut through to the next cabinet to get it to vent directly outside. thanks GW

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Sophie Wheeler

No, you cannot vent into a masonry chimney. Or into any other metal flue used by any other gas fired appliance like a water heater or furnace.

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Of course you can't use a chimney that is being used for anything else, but I see no reason why an UNused chimney stack couldn't be used as a chase for a proper metal ducted vent path.

Of course it might be too long, too high, too narrow or have some other constraint, but otherwise I would ask your installer and perhaps your local code officials.



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that is kinda what i thought. thanks for the fast response. do you see any issue, other than taking up cabinet space, with jogging that vent over and then to the outside. it would mean a couple 90s and a bit longer run. if not the only other option would be to have it be a recirculating vent back into the kitchen( which we dont want) or redoing the kitchen layout(which we really, really dont want. thanks again

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You would probably need to use a metal chimney liner to do this to meet code. (like when a furnace is vented in a chimney.) But as long as the duct length is suitable for the fan, it might be OK. Check with the specs on the venting table on the fan. Also maybe a quick check with your local codes dept. would be helpful. How/where your other venting appliances vent, and the height of the chimney all are probably factors that need to be reviewed/approved.

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